She was walking. All alone (or so she felt). She just kept moving ahead. It was dark. Darkness so deep, just like moving with closed eyes. That didn’t bother her. She kept on moving, surrounding herself more and more with the blanket of darkness. She couldn’t see anything. Couldn’t hear anyone. She couldn’t sense anything. She just felt one thing. Pain. Immense pain. Pain so cruel, her heart could explode. Her mind was crowded. Crowded with thoughts. Conflicting thoughts. Too many thoughts, all fighting with each other. Each thought fighting to make sense. None making sense to her. She still could not believe what had happened. She had just lived her nightmare. All that she thought she would never let happen to her was exactly what had happened. She had lost control over her life. What went wrong?? She thought. That is all she had been trying to figure. She was tired. Tired of thinking. She had been crying herself to sleep ever since. Every night she cried till the tears dried out. Now She wanted to cry out loud. She wanted to share what she was going through. She knew what will happen. She would be asked to move on. That is what she has been trying to do. Move on. But all she sees is darkness. Sympathy, that is what she would be offered. She did not want that. She hates it. She is not weak. She is a fighter. She will fight this, she thought. But one step ahead reminded her something and she was two steps behind. Broke, that is how she felt. What next, she thought. Lost in her pain she could hear voices now. She heard her name being called. She knew the voice. She answered and left with the voice. Moving ahead all she could see was darkness. Once she was scared of darkness, now darkness is all she has. She laughed at her thought. A cold laugh. She kept moving. All alone (or so she felt).

I wrote this when I was going through something very dark in my life!

32 thoughts on “Lost!

  1. The hell of darkness, do have guts n dare to walk thru the darkness into the light n shine brighter. “Rinse your dark night tears under the morning Sunrays” I had these words on one of my posts “Tears of Prayers ”
    Glad to read you but sad, you are strong enough to come over my dear. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  2. I think most of us have felt this at some point of the other…when we feel we are in the clutches of darkness and there really is no light at the end of the tunnel…. but good to know that you have since then come out of the tunnel…so well written and so relatable 💟💟

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    • Yes indeed, mental health can take us all through it. Sometimes, I do start feeling the same way but then I have much better people around me who don’t let me slip. Thankful for that. Thank you so much.

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  3. I hope those dark moments have passed and you’re all better now. Please always remember that you’re stronger than anything that’s trying to pull you down.

    Also relate💯
    You put my thoughts into words thank you.

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