A girl can dream!


Almost there. Almost!

Freely walking down the road at an odd hour,
destination is a little too far,
but to go there I’ll need no team,
Certainly, a girl can dream!

Attending parties at our own discretion,
late night movies will be a viable option,
not missing out on life’s cream,
Atleast, a girl can dream!

Won’t be blamed with no fault of mine,
he’ll be punished, that idiot swine,
to be heard, i won’t need to scream,
Yes, a girl can dream.

Born to a king, married to a prince,
practices of dowry won’t make me wince,
I won’t be pushed to the extremes,
Wistful as it is, a girl can dream!

I’ll be treated as an equal,
Not degraded, if not special,
to be looked at with deserving esteem,
Of this, a girl can dream!

My birth won’t be seen at as a burden,
the shrewd thinking boundaries will widen,
for us with pride all parents will beam,
distant though, a girl can dream!

Misogyny will be abolished,
love and peace established,
of this yet, I see no gleam,
But still, a girl can dream!

34 thoughts on “A girl can dream!

  1. U are gonna complete your 100 days tomorrow!!!!! That’s a really great achievement but I really really want you to keep writing and set another 100 days goal🥺🥺🥺. I do not want you to stop🥺🥺

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  2. This is SPECTACULAR!!!!! Omg I am in awe!! What a touching piece full of beauty, empowerment and wisdom!!! Amazingly done…I especially love that last stanza 🖤🤗

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    • Yessss. It will take time, it’s a rooted problem. But we shall soon. Thank you so much!

      Haha yesssss one more day!!! Ofcourse, I started this to get into habit of writing 🙂 so yesss. I plan to have a routine. But I will take a day or two off ! 🤞😍

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  3. A girl can and should dream and live life on her own terms…if people around her can’t deal with that, they can go to hell. Well done gal…you have done it..almost 🙌🤩💓

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  4. ” Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Gently down the stream. Row, row, row your boat, Life is but a dream.” ” Quote by Shakespear: “Life is but a dream, within a dream.”” your dreams can be realized.

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  5. This is amazingly awesome and wish all your dreams come true thru your stream of your passion in everything you do. 100th post wow most awaited tomorrow. Keep rocking shining 🌟


  6. This is beautiful, dear Pooja. Such a raw and vulnerable piece; and, I think that all of your dreams can come true, my dearest friend. All of them. I love this poem. ❤❤


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