Are you superstitious?


Some months ago we were playing a question game with our friends. This game was really something we invented ourself and it goes like one person will ask a very intriguing question and everyone on table has to answer it. Brilliant way to have a conversation and also to bond, must say. We really had a ball playing it, it is definitely documented as a happy evening in the shelf of my memories (you can imagine a setting from the movie inside out). It was one of those evenings I will keep reflecting on in years to come. I am getting really nostalgic about a memory that’s not even that old and the post is definitely not about that. Writing is a mystery, you never ever know what you’ll end up feeling once you start typing. I want to talk about something very specific but my mind wants to be all nostalgic and stir the beautiful memories. Should I give in and change course? Should I not because I will be a puddle of mush otherwise?

Sticking to the topic! So, one of the questions that was asked was “are you superstitious? And name two superstitions or belifes you have”. My superstitious side, mostly hidden from world, had to come out and face the limelight that day. I mean, I am not that superstitious but I have some. I always felt that it is ONLY ME who stupidly believes some of them but my, oh my, others do too! I felt so much at ease after that, so I decided that why not let it be out in the open and maybe help others know that no matter what you believe in, no matter how crazy it is, this world is so big that you’ll find someone who matches your crazy! The two superstitions I mentioned, one of which was literally narrated to me by my partner in my ears because he bears the brunt of it, were I don’t speak about anything planned or upcoming until it is actually happening or is done because I fear I will jinx it and the second one was making a wish whenever clock strikes 11:11. I mean I definitely have some more silly beliefs but these were the ones I shared that evening. What I was pleasantly surprised with was how things getting jinxed was so common and everyone agreed to it. Why I was surprised was thanks to my lovely partner who shares things way before they happen and it took forever for him to understand and adjust to why I feel this way. Really happy he understands it now, it is somehow really important to me. I don’t think the harmless superstitions like these do anyone any harm? If we believe them then that’s really okay. Following them won’t harm no one. Problematic are those superstitions which cause someone else or us any harm. It is really a sticky topic, to get someone to shift from their beliefs or superstitions! I don’t really want to get into those negative practices or thoughts as this is more about the silly superstitions like the cat crossing the road one! The funniest one I have heard is about how sprinkling cow piss is auspicious! It baffled and amused me when I first heard it. One that I am sometimes forced to follow is of not having meat on certain days of weeks, thanks for that one mom! It really all zeros down to if we are God fearing people or God Loving people. Obviously, it is best to be a mix of two but humans thrive on extremes. As long as that’s going on, the superstitions and beliefs aren’t going anywhere!

I am really intrigued to know what superstitions or beliefs do you follow? Oh and what is the silly or funniest superstition you have heard?

Knock Knock!

Past – warm blanket or booby trap!

Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #79 – June 26, 2021

This post is written in response to Shweta’s 6WSP and the word for this week is Past. Past is a funny thing and really very subjective. I had so many ideas but settled to choose a simple one. Thank you for reading. Hope you have a good rest of the day and week ahead 🙂

It do be like that sometimes!


We all need love. When it comes to love, we all are end consumers. People say it’s love what we live for. We seek love, in any form.

So did she.

He gave her attention, she loved it. He pampered her, she cherished it. He complimented her, she accepted it. He was like an addiction, she was addicted. He was the flame, she was the moth. He demanded, she refused. He changed, she ignored. He was rude, she ignored. He fought, she made up. She confronted, he shouted. She was upset, he ignored. She stopped talking, he didn’t care. End of story. When life isn’t all roses, we hold on to the only rose we see with all our might. Even if it is full of thorns. Only to realise later, it isn’t even ours. We can’t see the truth because the lie soothed us or maybe we don’t want to see it. We choose to ignore the obvious signs of it all being a deceit with a hope that it might turn good at some point. It’s true, sometimes addiction, even to humans, is so strong that being aware that it is wrong, bad, not worth it, we still can’t shun it.

Ode to sunsets!


Mix of hues, beautiful and soothing,
Talk to me of love, talk to me of me,
Love paints the sky anew each evening,
Curiosity hits and mixes with desire to flee.

Is it real or is it all a dream?
The glory, the beauty and the calm,
Heart is full yet mind is blank it seems,
Oh sunset, perhaps that’s your charm.

They ask, tell me what’s love,
Unknown to the wonders the clouds unfold,
I know what it is, answer fits like glove,
It envelopes the sky each evening, loud and bold.

Butterflies in the stomach, happiness in the air,
Isn’t that how you felt when we first met?
Breathing in tranquility, free of all care,
What else is love, if not sunset?

Open for celebrations and suggestions!


The more days pass by, the more motivated I feel about keeping up and growing with this blog and the amazing people that I have met through it. I have been writing since years now but was never ready to show my work to anyone. Even for this blog, a very few too close friends, including my partner know. Some of them non readers so expect for maybe 3 people, no one I personally know reads this blog. All the love and motivation I have for continuing this comes from you people who genuinely read this and communicate with me via comments. I cannot be grateful enough. There is no lie in the fact that this has kept me going through some of the roughest patches in last month. It takes a lot of efforts to think, research, pen down and read and reread what I write to make it worthwhile for anyone who chooses to spend few minutes reading it. I am also starting to communicate my emotions without feeling concious, so personal growth has been a huge win. Why am I so emotional today? It could be the wine mixed with the fact that I hit 200 followers. I am really shy and concious when it comes to celebrating my personal wins. I am not sure why but I just feel it’s nothing great that I have done. I end up crying with anxiety if something nice happens, yeah let’s add it to my quirks, shall we? But even as I type this, I know some of you will still get me. You will understand why I feel this way or how it is valid and legitimate. I respect and admire so many people I have met here and look forward to them posting. I, religiously, read the posts because I know what it takes to end up making a post worth publishing.

I am just happy and grateful. Since you guys have helped me, I want to get greedy and ask for one suggestion. Would people here be interested if I shared my travel stories and the pictures related to it?! Or would that be something that is boring. I would love for my travel to be documented with my words, just unsure if it is something you would be interested in reading?

You’ll be there for me?


Sometimes you want someone to be around you, to share, talk, crib, gossip or merely for their presence. While, some other times you just want to be alone, with no one to bother you at all. It depends on how you feel at that moment and that is completely okay too. No one should be obligated to talk to anyone if they don’t feel like it. Neither should we have such unrealistic expectations. However, when you choose to have a person at your disposal – to be around when you need them and then forgetting they exist, is that fair in the name of friendship and love? To me, it seems incredibly selfish, but then that is the major principle on which the world works. I agree one needs to be selfish if they are going through something bad, if they need to pick themselves up mentally or if you are at the lemon side in life and trying to move towards the lemonade. At such times, you need to be a priority in your life. Does that mean you can be keep someone at bay even when you are okay enough to either let them in or be straight with them that you cannot do this? Why does kindness go unnoticed so often? I mean Inspite of being completely aware of where they stand, some people will still be there around you, lending you the much needed ear for your sufferings or a shoulder to cry on. Silent, strong, non-complaining, non-demanding. More so like air, whose value isn’t understood until its not there anymore. It’s important you realize that those people might need you too, they won’t say so but might need you all the same. Or maybe they have said it, but you had no interest in understanding that. Don’t wait till you suffocate in their absence. Be there for them too, always. Care. You love them alright, show them the same. Let them feel cherished. Those few people are for keeps. When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. Don’t let them be just in memories, treasure such people. Keep them safe.

Time to let go!


I forgive people very quickly. Like may be even in a snap. Cant be angry for too long. Mainly because I am also on the other side and I know how it feels when you are apologetic but the same is not accepted. I trigger the anger in others too and so I realize that no person will harm the other person on purpose.. But my point here ain’t that. Forgiving is one thing and forgetting, other. I forgive but don’t forget. This does not mean I am some snotty psychotic person who remembers it for a revenge or something. Uhh, no. I don’t even remind anyone or bring it up unless pushed to brink. I just can’t forget. Its there, buried deep in my heart! It shows it’s ugly head when there is something repetitive. It brings up all lost memories (not lost in my case), I feel the hurt all over again! I am perfectly normal with that person, love them just as I did before. No grudges at all. And having these instances stuck in my heart makes me feel like I am betraying them. When I have no hard feelings, why are these ghosts hovering around in my heart?! I have always believed that losing an argument is far better than losing a person, then why the hell does that argument stay with me?! Why do I hold on to it? Is it just me or it happens with everyone?? Most of the time these instances help me in self introspection as to where and what went wrong…and I end up finding my faults! I mean if I was lied to then that’s because I wasnt worthy of the truth! But there is only so much a heart can take! I feel like it’s about time I clear my heart of all past ghosts! I feel like it from time to time. Its need to let go! Let go of things that happened, relations which were not meant to be, people who dont want me, thoughts that do nothing but hurt!!

Only thing is, I don’t know how do I do that!

Love all or perish!


Love each other, or perish!

So, I realized few days ago that I have never mentioned or explained why I have this title “love all or perish” on my website. It was mentioned by someone in comments and I thought I should express the thought behind it. It is a really thought provoking line as per me.

First and foremost, this is the line I read in 2011 in my most favorite book “Tuesdays with Morrie”. I have read a lot of books but I don’t think I’d have any other so close to my heart as this one. The line goes, “love each other, or perish”. It essentially means love the people around you when you have time so that you don’t have to bear your troubles alone. Make those emotional bonds so that when time comes, you have the support you need. The alternative is to perish alone, deprived of love. As I have mentioned multiple times, I am an only child. I think this quote stuck with me at that time because I have always felt the lack of having that emotional bond with someone around my age. My parents are the best, love them, bless them. However, I think having a sibling is really different and I feel a void because of that. I went on to make mind blowing friends and some are like my siblings, literally. But still this quote will always be my belief and something that calls out to my entire emotional existence.

It is such a beautiful thought right? What is left in the world if there is no love? It will perish and so will we. It is really difficult to try and apply this, to just give love selflessly, but what is the harm in trying? I think it’s okay to rant about people, does not mean we don’t love them. A situation can be bad, not necessarily the person. Sinners can surprise you and the same is true for saints. Why don’t people admit that compassion and cruelty can live side by side in one heart?

Love each other, or perish!

Birthday traditions!


I hate my birthday. I am not entirely sure since when but it has been the case since forever now. Obviously, when I was a kid all the shenanigans and parties were done for most of my birthdays. The reason that I have come to understand for me hating birthdays is the constant attention on me on that day. I hate being the centre of a crowd’s attention. Even the thought of cutting a cake with everyone staring at me is giving me anxiety. Not my cup of tea!!! I love celebrating birthdays of my loved ones and pamper them to bits. I try to make all of my friends and family feel loved on their birthday. While I don’t mind the pampering on myself either, I hate the attention that comes with it. Just send me gifts, don’t wish me or ask me to cut the cake 😂. My birthday tradition is either me having a normal work day or me taking a vacation. There is no in between. Taking this further, my partner celebrates his birthday next month and if it is not clear yet how exactly opposite we are, here is another proof. Below is him sharing about his birthday tradition.

Who doesn’t like their birthday (ME, DUH!). Gifts, parties, special treatment and what not. You just can get away with anything on that day. I still have fond memories of my birthday parties when I was a child (thanks to all those photographs). My parents used to call all my school and society friends for a house party where we would have games, music and food. Also, the most important part, GIFTS, lots and lots of them. That was also the day you wouldn’t wana miss school. You were allowed to wear your casual dress instead of the uniform and get some amount of special treatment no matter how mischievous a student you were. Distributing chocolates among your classmates and teachers in their staff room and getting to be out of the class for just 10mins for the same was some feeling.

As I grew up celebrations changed. I still remember the first time I went out with 3 of my society friends for dinner. And since I started earning its mostly celebrated partying out with friends. However, one thing has always remained constant. I have always cut a cake at home along with my parents on my birthdays. Something that my mom always ensures and has become a habit for me as well.

Hmmm, so that’s us sharing our birthday traditions, what is yours?

Lemon to lemonade!


We keep hearing turn “lemons to lemonade” and to be honest, it is not always possible. However, we just did something similar recently and not with the intention of changing lemons to lemonade but it has categorically fit that proverb!

When do you feel most free? For me, it’s the swing. Since childhood that has been my chosen spot. I used to go to parks just for a swing and hated it when they were full. Parents got me a swing at home too and when I grew up, I got myself a proper swing. Even then, I did not have much time to spend on it. 2020 and lockdown have been bearable for the huge part thanks to that swing! My swing and I have seen innumerable sunsets together. I have mulled over so many life decisions on it, it makes me feel at peace. However, I was missing all this in the lockdown 2.0. We could not go out to places which have swing and I did not have the swing at new home. Sunsets also did not happen on the side we have the gallery. It always irked me. I still feel something is missing because I miss my sunsets. I did try and wake up early in morning on some days to catch the sunrise instead and that also gave me peace and sense of belonging. But I have to admit I am not a morning person. Then came my plant babies who kept me going. Every new leaf is a reason to be happy. Finally, this weekend we added one more thing which makes me feel right at home, THE SWING. Yay! Super duper happy and so thankful to my forever plus one for making this happen!!! What you see in the feature image is me on a swing drinking lemonade. Yeah, I was feeling inspired that we are trying to beat this lockdown by finding our own happiness much like turning lemon to lemonade!!

Swing is my happy place, it gives me wings. This is my lemon to lemonade story, do you have one? What is your happy place?