Gotta start somewhere!

There is something very hopeful about the starts, isn’t it? Start of the year, start of the month, start of the week. It makes you want to start getting your life in order. Okay, maybe not monday but for the rest part it is true. Well, that’s how it is for me. If you want to start a new habit or add anything to your routine, it is best preferred to be initiated at such new starts. While I stay away from making resolutions, I had decided to get back to writing in January. I was eagerly waiting for Jan 1st, however God had other plans. I tested positive for Covid on 31st of December and whatever I had decided went down the drain. What went down along with that was my energy, health and all things good. Maybe that is a story for another time as I really don’t wish to relive that right now. After I recovered, I patiently waited for February to come so I can start. So obviously when I started to write, I first started to wonder why did I wait for the new month to start? Why can’t any date be hopeful? Atleast, I started to write clinging on to this hope, false or true I am not certain on that.
If someone were to ask me my state of mind right now, I’d say it is jumbled with thoughts. Clogged. Yes, that’s the word. We all know nothing comes through when there is a clog and same is happening with my mind, no coherent thought is coming through. I also realized this when I started to pen this post. I need to sort these thoughts out and as always, writing is to rescue. It helps me and hopefully those who read it too.
Hoping to get back on track, how have you all been?
Happy new year!

16 thoughts on “Gotta start somewhere!

  1. I like to read your blog and some articles (not news related of course) to indulge myself into some thoughts. Sometimes introspective thoughts, sometimes just making me feel happy about things around. About the power of writing and reading.
    I like to look around during my busy day to sort down my thoughts. Like you write. I like to look at people and things (beautiful sky and river outside my window). Cheers to your new year resolution starting 1st Feb!!!

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    • How nice !!!! I am happy you find my blog thought provoking! Oh, I know the view you are talking about. I hope I get to see it in person! Anything that helps us sort, works. It does not have to be writing! I love that feeling when I see or read something that calms my mind πŸ™‚

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  2. I so get everything you said. I have felt clogged as well. And yes writing is the best thing to help sort your thoughts out. I am so sorry you got Covid but happy you’re well now. Hugs to you. Look forest to enjoying more of your post.

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