The 100th!

100/100 Felt real nice to type that. Up until last night I was so so soooo happy and excited for this. I achieved something I had resolved I will. Felt like a win. I wanted to celebrate and thank you all. Would not have been possible without the support I received. But, it will have […]

A girl can dream!

99/100 Almost there. Almost! Freely walking down the road at an odd hour,destination is a little too far,but to go there I’ll need no team,Certainly, a girl can dream! Attending parties at our own discretion,late night movies will be a viable option,not missing out on life’s cream,Atleast, a girl can dream! Won’t be blamed with […]

Express. Value. Love.

98/100 If you are a reader, you would be familiar with that moment when you read something and it makes you feel so much that the moment and that line or quote never really leaves you. If you are a reader, you would know this. I had one such moment yesterday It’s really such a […]

It’s month end!!

97/100 Before I dive into the topic, I have to say what I keep saying “adulting is so hard”. Where is the pause button on this adulting business? Need one everytime I have to plan my finances. I am not a big spender so not like I have to control anything but adulting, in general, […]


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