The 100th!


Felt real nice to type that. Up until last night I was so so soooo happy and excited for this. I achieved something I had resolved I will. Felt like a win. I wanted to celebrate and thank you all. Would not have been possible without the support I received.

But, it will have to wait. A day can really change a lot. So maybe I will have to wait a couple of more days until I can celebrate this. Then I shall write what I wanted to. For today, sorry but my thoughts are bad. I will share them anyway because it’s a process. Maybe it will heal me. Who knows.

Hospital. Place where lives are born, treated, given and lost too. One place where you’ll find varied emotions at once. Someone’s happy for they have a new arrival in family, someone’s sad for someone might leave them soon. Personally, I find hospitals a little too depressing. There have been a few times I’ve been admitted. During those times, except for the bloody injections, all was good. People come to meet, you are pampered. Nice nice. It’s depressing when someone you know is in there admitted due to some illness. You feel threatened to lose people, people you love, care about, people you never expected to leave. This feeling kills us even before the actual loss. Every moment is anxiety filled yet hopeful. Anxiety until everything is good. Hopeful until it’s all over. Hospital is the only place I think even an atheist might be spotted praying. But to go through it all is hardship.

41 thoughts on “The 100th!

  1. Yay! You made it, Pooja. Congratulations. But don’t stop here.. Do keep writing.

    This is such a coincidence. I have the same feeling about hospitals. It’s a place where contrasting emotions and situations meet, a place that can be the source of great joy or extreme grief. Happiness and pain. Life and death. I hope that you feel much better

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  2. Congrats on your 100th post, Pooja(got to know your name from comments).
    Keep going…

    Hospitals are really depressing in most cases.
    I was diagnosed with “nimonia” when I was 4. My body was sort of sensitive.
    Until the age of 19(two years ago), I went to the hospital every 15 days approx.
    That’s why I’m kinda familiar with hospitals and their fragrance.

    Waiting for next post….


  3. Congratulations dear one👏 this is truly an inspiration coz as we know mood swings and all the days aren’t soo good to be in a mood to write still you made it possible and this post is worthy reading and special one with touching feelings. “Hospitals” yes mixed feelings n emotions of birth & death. How beautifully penned. Keep writing, wish you a very successful bogging. 😇❤✌


  4. Well you done it. Seems like yesterday. Seems like something new too. Seems like shedding skins. Seems like new shoes. Seems like both a pleasure and delight. Seems just right.

    Pooja, it has been a great to join you here, I have gained so so much from your journeys, tales of this and that and most impressively just how himmbly (I like this word better than the one intended, so it stays) talented you are. You’re a natural leader and a truly guided coach. I only one thing to ask… guard your innate gifts from any projected need for deference to some outside need to prove yourself….it really isn’t needed. Big big thaaaank youuuu and a massive hug too. 100/100 doesn’t measure up at all…. and I doubt, very much so, that there’s any metric or model that could match you…. thank, especially for the Sunsets and A Girl and Dream…. so so powerfully powerful…

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  5. Congrats on 100 posts! Since I am a registered nurse I have spent many hours in many days in many hospitals. Oh the stories I could tell of happiness and sorrow. But it could also tell if some funny things also. To me a hospital was just a place to work. It’s also a place to help those go to a better place and hopefully they will leave with dignity.


  6. Congratulations, dearest Pooja! I know exactly what you mean about hospitals. I’ve been in my share, and have ridden that anxiety wave with you. Thinking about you and sending much love and hugs! ❤️🤗


  7. I know only too well what you mean and feel….but important thing is that it’s 100th post…. mission accomplished…well done !! I think I started reading from your 40th post and since then have looked forward to it everyday…..I hope u don’t take a break anytime soon 🎉👏💗😍


  8. Congrats, my dearest friend!!! So proud of you for achieving this milestone!!! It’s been an honor to read about you and your journey! Please keep writing!!! Feel better, my friend. Thanks for sharing your vulnerable thoughts, you got this 🙌🏻🖤


  9. Congratulations dear on achieving 100th post as promised. This shows your commitment and dedication. ❤️❤️ And about the hospital, it truly is depressing if it’s not for the pregnancy. Wisely said. 👏👏 Have a wonderful weekend dear


  10. 100 is such a wonderful achievement! I know things may not be the best right now and negative emotions can be overwhelming but try to focus on the positive because there’s so much positive out there too.


  11. Wow, well said my friend and congratulations of accomplishing your 100th objective and for finally completing something that you have set your mind to 🤟😂🥳🎉.

    I am very happy for you that you have managed to focus and remain commited to it and I know that this will go a long way in strengthening your inner dicipline and will to face and endure trying situations 💙🌹😇.

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  12. Somehow, your posts stopped coming in my feed and I suddenly remembered that you would have reached your milestone ages ago and wanted to congratulate you on the same. YAYYY!! CONGRATULATIONSSSS!! (Belated?). I’m elated you were able to maintain a 100 days streak and achieve this. It’s a remarkable achievement and I’m sooo happy for you! Hope you celebrated this in a well deserved way. 😃 CONGRATSSS, FRIEND! 💖💝


  13. Wow, congratulations what a milestone!

    I don’t like that sad feeling in the hospital😑 When my father was brought to the hospital I felt so exhausted and everyone I see there feels sick and hopeless. I wanted to bring them hope but I too was needing hope during those times.


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