Spotlight on them sexists!


If you are someone who believes “this is just a joke, nothing to be so offended or serious about”, don’t read further. I do not want you telling me to take it as a joke. I will not.

You disgust me.

I was infuriated when I read this, just mildly putting it. How can someone be so stupid to make these “jokes” in such hard times and even more stupid to SHARE it? Imagine reading this between the helpline numbers and resource numbers that are being circulated, ugh. Even then I know a few people who’d find this funny and defend this saying that it’s a joke, chill. You chill, go inside the fucking freezer and chill there. Don’t come out. Stay chilled. These jokes are always targeted to riducule a spouse, degrade them and are usually sent by people who are married. Some with really long term marriages and kids. Well, tell me one thing, unless you were dragged to the ceremony, why did you get married and why are you staying married if your spouse is such a big problem? I am not sure how you won’t see the insult unless you had a problem. People take the cover of screen and show their true personalities on social media, knowingly or unknowingly. Laughing at insensitive and insulting jokes, sharing them and not seeing them for what they actually symbolize is something even educated men and women are guilty of.

While I know both men and women who enjoy these jokes, very sadly the joke is mostly targeted towards women in one way or another. Men slyly saying how they feel “free” because their wives have gone to her native, how the weapon of wives rage in these jokes is “rolling pin” or “belan” because women represent kitchen as per them and how men need boys night out because they are done with their wives cribbing. If you are a guy who thinks saying any one of these things is okay, please know you are misogynist and sexist. You do not deserve a supportive and caring partner because the base for any relationship is respect and these do not show respect, far from it, they are insulting. Oh there are some very peculiar jokes centering around how women just spend “hard earned” money of their husbands. It is suggesting and generalizing that women cannot sustain on their own and are not self sufficient. With so many problems highlighted as “jokes”, I wonder why do sexist men marry at all? Spare women the misery and don’t.

Now for those who think these are just harmless jokes, its all fun and these are so hilarious, the term you are looking for is Disparagement Humor. Let me also help you with definition. Disparagement humor elicits amusement through the denigration, derogation, humiliation, victimization, or belittlement of individuals, social groups or ideologies. Now, if this makes you laugh, you make me sick. You are actually saying it is okay to insult an entire group because it was a joke, no, what it is for real is hostile and prejudiced. A study suggests how these jokes and this type of humor is the base for far bigger problems. I quote directly from this study “In Study 1, male students were exposed to either sexist or non-sexist jokes. Males exposed to sexist jokes reported higher levels of rape proclivity in comparison to males exposed to non-sexist jokes”. I am in no way suggesting that everyone who sends this is a sexist. There are some people who just send everything they receive with zero thought, some want to poke their partners, some are frustrated in their relationship and some are sexist. All I can say is, don’t be someone who is hell bent on not seeing the error in your ways. If you didn’t know it in this light until now, now you do. Be better, call out people who are being sexist, educate them and help take this world one step closer to how it has been intended to be.

13 thoughts on “Spotlight on them sexists!

  1. Off course it’s not, we should do what we can to make people aware regarding their own thoughts and thinking. It’s just, I think time will eventually make everyone a bit more rational and empathetic bicoz it’s something we can do nothing about, I know, I’m sounding like a pessimist but I find true only,


    • Sorry, I will be completely honest here but unless someone has gone through what is being spoken about you cannot say that we should not get angry. You cannot say it will take time, it has taken years of patience from women to endure this. By saying this, you are hoping women will endure more indirectly which I do not approve of.


      • No, you got me wrong. What I meant is, we just can’t change the nature, the thought process which masses have, but we can teach the coming generation about being humane. It’s true, I cannot understand what it felt like but I am sure anger won’t do anything. So, don’t be angry, I know it’s not possible but you can try,


  2. Ok, I can understand. You know, I did wanted to start with, “tell me how I can calm someone who faced all this, comments or messages or battein” but I didn’t go that way, what I mean by calm is, make that person feel a bit better, that’s all, nothing more. Hope you getting my points, otherwise, come on,πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

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    • Ahhh that makes sense. So you just said it in a way that din seem correct. If you want to calm such a person, you should support them, stand for them, listen to them and make them feel validated πŸ™‚

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      • Firstly tell them that those jokes are incorrect and demeaning, then tell women to voice how they do not find that funny, if you see this happening in your friends or known ones then call them out. That’s how it will stop.


  3. Ugghhh !! I felt just like slapping all of these stupid people who keep the audacity to write such messages on whatsapp or any other platform and even to share them.
    If you don’t respect a wife, don’t get married.
    If you don’t respect your girlfriend, stop falling in love (cause you are faking)
    If you don’t respect girls, stop speaking out “mother” or “sister” from you bullshit mouth, you have lost all rights to do so..

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