Express. Value. Love.


If you are a reader, you would be familiar with that moment when you read something and it makes you feel so much that the moment and that line or quote never really leaves you. If you are a reader, you would know this. I had one such moment yesterday

It’s really such a small sentence and it holds such a huge value. It conveys so many sentiments. It almost seems like human nature, to behave this way. People we love and cherish are also the people we take for granted. Because those people give us so much, we end up assuming they always will. There is a reason why “distance makes heart grow fonder” holds true, because sometimes it’s separation that makes us realize a person’s value. Needless to say, this line will always stay with me.

Let this tiny post be a big reminder for everyone reading to let that one person you have taken for granted know that they matter! ❤

Imagination spree!


We went on a drive before dinner today. It drizzled for a bit but nothing too major so our view was good. Our car was on an extended road. Like this road is newly made adjacent to highway with a divider in middle separating the twl. The street lights are on the main highway and this road did not have any lights. It was dark apart from the light from our car’s headlights. All we could see was two red lights at a distance ahead of us. So two red lights, seeming like eyes, staring at us as we moved ahead. The distance remained same but soon it started to seem like we were chasing the demon himself. Trees on both sides, red eyes and us moving in their direction. It felt pretty eerie after a point. Thanks to my (very active) imagination, I started to think about all sorts of “things” we might be chasing and who we might end up having an encounter with. I do believe that ghosts exists and that there are spirits with unfulfilled wishes, still tied to earth because a wish is not fulfilled. We were four of us in the car. I knew that the friend who was driving it, would take a you turn on a one way road if I suggested that it was demon we were chasing. The other girl would be interested in finding out what it is, she watches youtube videos about supernatural things as a hobby. Even I would want to know what it is, atleast upto a certain point. The last guy would not be too keen to chase this! So, weighing the situation I stayed shut and just let my imagination run as to what might happen if that indeed is a demon. Was it the demon leading us? Has he or she seen us? Is it a good spirit or a scorned one? Do we need any weapons? Do weapons even help? As we drove, the separation between highway and extension was about to end and the car (two red tail lights) ahead of us joined the rest of the traffic, as did we, much to my disappointment.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Private much!


In India, privacy is pretty much nonexistent for a lot of people because we stay in joint families and are brought up in a very inclusive environment where parents check in on everything we do. It has it’s pros and cons. While I come from a family where my parents gave me complete space after I started going to college, it is not the same for everyone. This topic was initiated by my partner so I told him to tell us his perspective as he was staying with his parents until 2020! Below is his take on same!

As stupid a question as it may sound, but – How many of you have had a room of your own when you were kids? Or how many of you currently have a space of your own? For me, I got my own personal space only this year. That’s when I bought a house of my own. Before that I lived with my parents (like almost every Indian family) in a one bedroom hall apartment. By no means was it sad or unfortunate as I have zero complains. The point I am trying to put forward here is that how important personal space is. As a child I never realised that, maybe because I was, in a way, benefitting from the situation since I didn’t have to do any sort of cleaning or organizing. It was all done by my parents. But as I grew up and visited friends who had their own space, I understood the importance of it. It’s like having your own little world where you can do whatever you like the way you like. Noone can take that away from you. You feel a sense of freedom even in that confined space. Paradox much. You can be your authentic self there. There you can express yourself in the best possible way. Not just that, it teaches you a lot of things. You learn to take responsibility of your own things, learn to live by yourself. A very real example of this would be me. I always used to sleep with my parents in the same room, but whenever I had to sleep alone it would be scary for me. It took a lot of time for me to overcome that fear. It made me dependent in a lot of ways I believe.

Apart from the learnings it also gives you a sense of satisfaction of knowing that there is a place you can call your own, that defines you. I can attest to this fact because I feel the exact same things now when I am living in my own house. The sense of satisfaction of seeing things in a way I would have always wanted to. A sense of belonging. Living in a space that resonates with who I am. I don’t think this is something that people would think can impact their minds but I truly believe having your own little place does have a positive impact in some or the other way for sure. For me it has had a big impact and that too a positive one.

Would love to know your thoughts on this. Do you prefer staying alone or with family?

Fly me to the moon!


She opened her eyes and looked around as she was sitting on her swing. It seemed like such a fresh view, which surprised her as she was on the swing for past hour. She noticed how the waves were touching her feet gently when the swing was still. It made her feel like she was part of the sea, a small miniscule part of a big ocean but clearly completing the ocean. Just like each human completes this world and makes it what it is, a part of a big picture. She smiled at this positive thought. She started swinging, bending till she was almost laying horizontal to sand. As she swinged, she stared at the setting sun. Dusk was her favorite part of the day. It portrayed a love story between moon and sun which she could witness. The sea was in process of swalloing the sun and the moon was already up and about in the sky. Sky. She now stared up as she continued to swing. Clouds were pretty today, she thought. Well, when are they not? Came the second thought running behind. She smiled. It made her happy, looking at the clouds. She could see some shapes forming and she tried to guess what was what. She observed all the changing colors in the sky, from blue clear sky to white as clouds came in, to yellow and orange taking over like making love as sun was setting, to a hint of pink like the sky blushed as it saw moon and sun meeting for that fleeting moment to it all becoming a dull gray. She sat up and stopped swinging. She noticed how the wind had picked up and it was blowing into her face. It was also getting cold. She sighed as she realized she will have to go now. She took in the scene one more time, the trees lined up behind her, the vast never ending ocean, the waves touching her feet, the residual of sun’s light, the sky and the stars starting to come in as clouds parted away. She closed her eyes and felt the wind. She felt like she dropped something and bent down to pick it up. As she did so, she saw a tiled floor and she was shocked for a moment. She sat up in shock and took in the surroundings. She was at her home, sitting on a swing and had dropped off the phone. Oh, what a dream!

Some questions related to WordPress!


You know one of those phases in life, you want to organize things. Sort them separately and put them in categories. I am in that phase and my muse is my blog. I want to customize some things, like a separate tab for categories. Also, I will be starting my travel series soon so I want to know somethings about that. I am so new here and everyone has such lovely blogs so it’s time to do a bit of revamping and I need help!

1) Should I do a separate page for travel series? If so, if i post on that page will that be on reader and feeds? Or will I need to post here and manually move it?

2) I want to have a page for just pictures I click, does that work? Or should pictures be posted as posts? Like can I instead keep adding them on that page I create? Honestly, my pictures are not that good so I am dicy if they should be posted separately haha.

3) I want to document a page adding the books I read or movies I see, I already have one but it’s so sad that I hardly feel like updating. Is there an option to post those separately on WP that I don’t know of?

I think that’s all the questions for now. I am sorry if this is not something I should be asking but really there is no way to figure it out that easily as google is not really that detailed. I have seen people help me so much here so I thought best to check the same with pros! 🙂 After all, the moto is to grow together!