Bump in the road!


My vacation is going good. However, like everytime there is vacation anxiety attached. When we are checking out places we want to visit, there is always a thought of leaving something out or missing out some place. I mean what if that place is superb and we just don’t visit it? That’d make me so sad. Also, sometimes aiming to over achieve you forget to pause and enjoy!! So far, we have stuck to the plan and it’s all so beautiful but anxiety hits when the day ends, forcing me to overthink what coming day holds and what if I goof up on that. The crux of the matter is, I want to see new things and I want to see them all. Earlier, I did not really rest and my vacations were super hectic but that was okay as I was also mentally much stronger. Right now, my mental health needs vacations which are paced well but anxiety makes me want to change the course. Here’s to hope I can overcome my anxiety and enjoy the places I am at 🙂

Posting what keeps me sane during such episodes of anxiety!

Sunset today!

Ode to sunsets!


Mix of hues, beautiful and soothing,
Talk to me of love, talk to me of me,
Love paints the sky anew each evening,
Curiosity hits and mixes with desire to flee.

Is it real or is it all a dream?
The glory, the beauty and the calm,
Heart is full yet mind is blank it seems,
Oh sunset, perhaps that’s your charm.

They ask, tell me what’s love,
Unknown to the wonders the clouds unfold,
I know what it is, answer fits like glove,
It envelopes the sky each evening, loud and bold.

Butterflies in the stomach, happiness in the air,
Isn’t that how you felt when we first met?
Breathing in tranquility, free of all care,
What else is love, if not sunset?

Peace in the chaos!


I had a very bad day today, all insecurities were like dancing in front of my face and saying, “how you doin?”. Probably the only time I din like Joey’s go to line. It is not easy to be shoved with rudeness and yet get out of it and see happiness. However, today I learnt that it can happen. Something as simple as a sunset and my plants during sunset fixed my mood. It did not fix the issue, obviously, but it just made it less relevant. For now, I am happy. Sunset and my plants, they came to my rescue. Whoever is having a bad day, I am sharing the pictures and I hope this cheers you up. Whoever is having a good day, this is added bonus. I don’t want to continue writing more for this post, I am scared I will ruin it! Just that kind of day.

Light in the darkness
The blank plant you see was eaten by a monkey and now it is starting to grow again, I am so glad we did not give up on it.
My whole ❤

I live for sunsets and some love!


Today’s post is only going to be about me expressing gratitude. Someday’s you don’t feel anything but gratitude, today’s that day for me.

A lot of things happened today which made me feel thankful. Some big, some small. I met my parents and grandmom after more than a month, I missed them but I only realized how much after I met them. They did not know I was coming and the sheer happiness on their faces, may they always be this happy. I saw an entire sunset today without any thoughts. Peaceful, that’s how it feels. Some music, my swing and nature’s beautiful art. I am anyway a big time sunset lover so all sunsets make me feel sheer gratitude! I ate food for soul, I was craving “dadi ke paranthe” and she made it even when she is not 100% well. I know it’s just how family loves you but I am so grateful I have it. Super super grateful. I have met some wonderful people out here who are so inspiring and I learn everyday from them. For this particular point, I have been feeling grateful this whole week, I really needed to be strong and posts and people here helped. They made me so happy at unexpected times. I have people who love me enough to peel mangoes for me. This is no small feat, I can cut mangoes but peeling them is a task, I end up wasting so much of it. Lucky for me, my loved ones are always up for helping me.

A big big big thank you to the universe!❤

We often take for granted the very things that deserve most of our gratitude.