Hit me in the feels!



I am writing this teary eyed because we just finished watching the reunion episode and OH. MY. GOD. I am that fan who is happy to just see the cast back together, I get all happy even watching their interviews. So this was ultra special. It made me smile, it warmed my heart, it made me laugh till I cried and it made me cry at the end too. It did what the show does to me. I have seen all seasons so many times and still cannot get enough. It always makes me laugh and this reunion showed me how these people were on set and it really makes sense. Their chemistry was evident in the episodes but to see so much love and adoring just hit me in the feels. What made me sad was when Courtney says that we won’t be doing this again in next 15 years and I just felt so sad! They have been my favorites when I was sad, when I was happy, when I was bored and literally everytime. I’d never say NO to watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The times we discuss and go back to show even when we are just talking with our friends shows how relatable the characters are. Oh and the guests on the show!!!! I don’t want to spoil it for people reading but OMG. I am so going to watch it again super soon. I will sleep happy tonight thanks to this wonderful show.

It is lovely how this simple show based on a group of friends in NYC has touched hearts of people across the world. Love from India.

Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S character do you relate most to?

It’s like an end of an era!

Anyone who is a big fan of FRIENDS would have understood this reference. While Jennifer Anniston is my favorite actress, I really did not like the character of Rachel per say. I loved how Jennifer acted and could watch her scenes on repeat but Rachel? Nah. I think that is the reason when Monica decided to move in with Chandler and she tells Rachel about it which ends at this sentence “It’s like an end of an era!”, I did not really feel anything.

I was like, they are still going to hang together. She was not even moving anywhere far. But now, when I am stepping into something new I am very scared that I will fade out. Very very scared. I love my friends, A LOT! While I know adulting involves more and more responsibilities, changes are bound to happen. However, I don’t want anything to impact my friendship with them. So, I will be moving a little far from them physically and I naturally am scared that this would push me away emotionally too. Frankly, I have not been great at long distance relationships. Whether those were friendships or love affairs. It is not like I have lost those people, no. It is just not the same. While the distance is really not that much, COVID has just made it worse. I know I am always going to try my best to be as involved (or even more) as I am but there is something about change that nags at the back of my mind. It scares me that I have no idea how things will unfold.

I have always been scared of change to be honest, not in the way that I don’t like it but in the way that I don’t want to lose myself in that change. And well, I could never be complete without the presence of my loved ones. So it is really selfish if you think about it, I don’t want to lose them so that I can preserve myself!

Let me end on a quote by Joey, “There is no such thing as a Selfless Good Deed”. Do you agree with him? Do tell!