Love affair!


I have always loved the cold places, the hills. While I have always wanted to travel around the world, given a choice I always chose cold places. With this love on one side, I did not particularly enjoy beaches. I know how that sounds but I had my reasons. The twist in my story was that I dated a guy who loved beaches. He is the cupid of my love affair with the sea. We visited Goa in monsoon and pondicherry during onset of winter. I fell in love and I don’t mind marrying the beach, haha. If that’s what it takes to be at a beach whenever I want, not such a bad idea? Sunset at the beach is everyone’s favorite. For me, it is what happiness means. While sky has always been my muse, beach sky is a site to behold. My heart is still at the paradise beach in pondicherry, no kidding. Even talking about this makes me so happy and it also makes me long a trip to beach. We are stuck in a stay-at-home situation and sometimes it gets very bad for me mentally. I keep myself in a check by remembering that these problems are not as bad as what some others are facing. But, mental health is not something that is small, I know that too. Weird how a simple thought of a beach trip can solve all my problems and be the bane of all my problems as well. I mean I did not even like beaches to start with! Let me show off my love and hope that you guys will fall in love too. The more, the merrier πŸ˜‰

About the fun people I have met!


Today I plan to write about three amazing humans I met on my trips around India. They all are still and will always be in my thoughts, even though I cannot reach out to them.


She works part time as a guide for Kumbhalgarh fort and knows more about it’s rich culture than we do. She was just 12 when she met me, aces at what she does, competes with people twice her age and still manages it all with an infectious smile. She goes to school, helps her mom, loves clicking pictures and snapchat is her favorite app. She is not privileged and yet there were no complaints from her, while we are so privileged but we cannot stop cribbing. There is so much to learn from this little bundle of joy ⭐. If you are able to read this, know that you are privileged and let’s not be defensive about it the next time someone points it out 🌸

Love in a picture

Meet Laaki, a police officer working for Gangtok Police. I met her at a restaurant in Lachen where she was taking a break after a day full of duty. She has a small son and he is all she ever spoke about. That and how much she missed him when she had to be on duty. She practically showed me every picture of her son available in her phone, each with a fond memory. Her husband looks after the kid when she has to be on duty and she said it’s quite natural that he’d do it as that’s what she’d do, had the case been reversed. I don’t think she realizes how amazing her attitude is. She has seven sisters (yep, I made the north east seven sister joke too) and all of them are independent. More power to people like her 🌸. BTW, at karaoke and drinks, she’ll put you to shame πŸ’―


“Why do you need one day to celebrate womanhood? Women are great everyday” they say.
“Why leave even one chance to praise the amazing women we know?” I say.

Today is nothing special, but still felt like stepping away from my usual posts and sharing the picture of this cute girl I met at a monastery in Sikkim. She is really the reason I decided to do this entire post. She is a tiny human who couldn’t understand my language or interact much but was a curious soul guiding/protecting/teaching her little brother all the time. Oh, how she climbed a rough terrain with ease made me rethink my life choices for real 🌸🌸 Isn’t she the cutest fluffball? ⭐

Thank you for reading, leave me with a story in comment. Story of a person you randomly met and found them amazing. Allow me to relive the experience with you πŸ™‚

Photography: My lost love!!!


It’s a takeover!!! Me consistently writing has inspired my partner in crime it seems because when I told him to pen down a post, he not only agreed but also took time and did it with all sincerity. Please show him some love.

So today my wife has given me the honor to hijack her blog for a day and here it goes…

How did it all start???

My earliest memories of holding a camera was when my father had got this Konica film camera from Singapore. I was quite young, early years of school and the thing that I was fascinated with was the color of the camera(understable for the age). It was a mix of bright red and black (never seen such a color combination since then)..Also no memory cards back then..There were these films with a limit of 36 photos only and no previews available. By the time I actually understood how to use it for what it was someone whom my father had lent it to broke the camera and my heart too..

The second camera and the one I actually put to use came to me when I was in the 8th grade and we had a week long school trip to Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. But again I believe it was my inclination towards the technology more than my love for the art itself. I barely understood the technicalities of clicking a good picture.

I guess my real interest in the art developed when I got to use a friend’s DSLR. It was just soo intriguing to understand how it worked and how I could do soo many things with it. Another thing that pushed me towards learning the art was to be able to click pictures that we see in magazines and on social media. I guess this is a pattern with me, I see something that interests me and then I want to do that too at that same level. An example: I love watching cooking shows but I can’t cook like that, however what interests me and something that I have relatively mastered is the art of chopping vegetables. Might sound funny but it really gives a sense of satisfaction seeing myself chop veggies like a professional. That’s for another blog maybe so coming back to photography..

Once I got my own DSLR there was no stopping. I would just randomly click pictures. Wherever I went anywhere I had my camera bag with me clicking pictures of anything, everything and everyone. Every week I would attend photo walks, training sessions, editing classes and what not..I was just soo into it. Probably one of the first and probably the only thing that I did with my whole heart (had tried painting for a couple of months in 12th grade but the interest lasted only for a couple of months)..Clicking a picture the way I visualized it would give me the best feeling in the world.

But with time all of this just took a backseat and now I hardly use my camera. I do miss that feeling as it was something I put all my heart into. As we grow and have more responsibilities on our shoulders we tend to put things that give us joy on the back burner. But time and again you get these subtle reminders that you are missing something and that you need to get back to it..Some of us are able to and for some it just becomes a thing of the past. I really hope to find my love back someday!!!

What’s your long lost love or maybe something you don’t want to lose atall??

I wonder if..


I just want to wonder aloud. If someone loves to do something, is it necessary to be good at it? Is it okay to do something you are not good at but love to? Or rather if I rephrase this, something I will not achieve anything from but absolutely love doing. I love shooting random videos of places I visit and then editing them or clicking picturesque scenes. I never post them on any of my social media, that’s not why I click or shoot them. I love documenting memories. I love it a lot. So essentially, my happiness and documenting memories are the only two purposes served. I doubt if that is okay because I get asked about it so many times, what do you do with these pictures? When I tell the true answer, I get, “oh, that’s all”. Somehow it seems that it is not enough? Does it need to have a higher purpose? Can I not choose my happiness? Do I have to be productive? Somedays I randomly paint, somedays I wake up at 6 to catch sunrise. No reason. I just do it because it makes me happy. I hope that’s okay.

Lately, I have been wondering if I should do random fun collections of fiction world I love. Harry Potter, Game of Thrones etc. Why? No reason. I just love doing random things. Last week, I wanted to do blogs and videos about places I have traveled but I have no clue what made me chuck that idea. Sometimes, I wish I was not this random. However, since I am this random, I hope it’s okay?