Express. Value. Love.


If you are a reader, you would be familiar with that moment when you read something and it makes you feel so much that the moment and that line or quote never really leaves you. If you are a reader, you would know this. I had one such moment yesterday

It’s really such a small sentence and it holds such a huge value. It conveys so many sentiments. It almost seems like human nature, to behave this way. People we love and cherish are also the people we take for granted. Because those people give us so much, we end up assuming they always will. There is a reason why “distance makes heart grow fonder” holds true, because sometimes it’s separation that makes us realize a person’s value. Needless to say, this line will always stay with me.

Let this tiny post be a big reminder for everyone reading to let that one person you have taken for granted know that they matter! ❤

It’s all in the journey!


Driving in the car, thoughts came to me,
What is it that truly makes us free?
Humming to the music, focused yet not,
Staring out of window, learning as nature taught.

Wind blowing onto our faces, making the trees dance,
Causing ripples in river, putting everything to trance,
Going with the flow, taking everything along,
Quiet and loud, wind knows the heart’s song.

Never ending roads, going as far as you want,
Let’s drive to where no one’s been, even if to flaunt,
Life is much like roads, including the twists and turns,
Let’s lead it with love, at the end, that’s all we yearn.

Still looking for an answer, the drive will soon end,
Destination isn’t as alluring now, oh what a descend,
Still wondering, looking out, what is it that truly makes us free?
Oh, it’s the journey, I understood looking at the bird swaying on a tree!

Some old school fun!


I have found a good way to get my partner to churn his thinking wheels. I ask him to pen down for this blog occasionally. He is a complete introvert in one sense and does not believe in speaking, no kidding. A short write up by him on something we both feel very strongly.

Getting up at 6am in the morning to play cricket or maybe a small trek on the nearby hill – That’s how a typical holiday would start for me during my school days.

But as time flew by and as we were introduced to newer technology our lives started to be confined within that mobile screen or a TV screen with play station games on it. I can’t even recall when and how I started enjoying phones and games more than physical activity. There was a time I would be at home only for my meals and sleep and just play the rest of the time and it was an unparalleled feeling. No technology till date has been able to give me that kind of a feeling which you would get when you play a match winning knock (some I still remember and probably won’t ever forget) or score a crucial goal.

I still find myself lucky that I got a chance to feel that way first hand, but kids today, all they love is games on their “personal” phones or gaming consoles. Though fun, it does not add much value to you in anyway. But I guess this is going to be the trend going forward. Keeping it short for today but do let me know what your childhood holidays were like and whether you prefer technology or old school fun..

Rainbow crow!


I have had a very hectic weekend. While the weekend was a productive one, it has really tired me out. Another thing that bugged me and had me on my toes is crows. When we were running errands, I could hear crows flying somewhere above and kept getting scared that they might come too low and hit me. I have a good reason for this strange fear. My mom keeps food for all birds in our balcony, once while she was refilling their plate the crow misunderstood or I am not sure what happened but he hit my mom on skull with his feet. She was in pain for a week and scared for life. So anyway, I remembered that when this happened I had checked on why crows are so violent sometimes and what I found was incredible so I will reshare the story.

As mentioned, because they are always associated with negative things, I got curious about crows. The result to my curiosity is a beautiful story that proves yet again, not all good deeds are appreciated but someone has got to do them anyway. A crow is criticised for its hoarse voice, for its black color, it’s also said that crow bites when you lie. Poor creature. But ever thought why is it so? No? Read on:
The Native American legend of the Rainbow Crow was one i read a few days ago, and the story fascinated me. In a time when the world was in darkness, and plagued with bitter cold, causing illness, hunger and death, where no animal would survive, it was decided that a meeting with the Creator was in order, and the strongest and bravest of the birds was selected for the task, and also the most beautiful one of them all; The Rainbow Crow, whose plumage in shimmering colors of rainbow hues, was more magnificent than all the birds in the sky, and he sang more beautifully than a nightingale. He flew thousands of miles till he met with the Creator, who out of admiration and pity pushed a stick into the blazing sun, and handed it to the Rainbow Crow, who flew back to earth with it. But, the journey was long, and the burden of the fiery stick was heavy, its scorching heat burning through the stick, burning the crow’s feathers, till they were as black as soot, the smoke from the flames settling in his throat, killing his song forever, just as he plunged through the sky and entered earth. The fire brought heat and warmth, the snows melted and there was water to help fertilize the land, and all the animals rejoiced, except the crow, who sat apart, saddened by his loss. Till he heard a voice in the wind, and the Creator spoke to him: The animals will honor you for the sacrifice you made for them, and man will not hunt you because your flesh is charred and will taste like smoke. Your voice is raspy and not fit for beautiful song, so you will never be held captive, and can always fly free. The Creator then touched the crow’s black, smoky feathers, and they began to shine with gloss, while inside each one, the faint shimmer of the rainbow glowed, and would always remain but would seldom be seen.

So many learnings from this small story. Don’t judge people by their appearances, there’s always more to it. You do good, you get good. You might be criticised, don’t take it to heart for the one who criticizes doesn’t know what you’ve been through.
The story might just be a figment of imagination but the lesson is worth remembering 🙂 🙂

Upside of the lockdown!


Firstly, thank you to amazing people who wished me well on my last post and I do feel so much better today. We still have a bit of bodyache and maybe I will share my experience in detail if I feel it might help someone. For today, I want to look at the positive side of this horrible virus because that’s how we feel better. Isn’t the first step to feeling better wanting to feel better? 🙂

So, I was just thinking about what is going on in my life generally and where do I stand (I am not someone who does this very often) and I just thought about how much has changed since March 2020! Life was a whole lot different and honestly I do want that life back, mainly for how carefree we were. I guess this is something everyone of us has gone through at some point since 2020. So let me talk about the positives, what changed for better?

1) I got to see so many sunsets!

If you know me, you would know my love for sunset and sunrise. Before lockdown, I was always working during the time of sunset and on weekends I was either out or sleeping. Thanks to lockdown, I saw so many sunsets and the sky changed to every beautiful color I can imagine 🙂 will always be grateful for this one.

2) I tried to cook!

My mom never really forced me to do anything all my life. She is my big supporter who wants me to do what makes me happy and cooking never makes me happy. Eating food makes me happy and I hardly eat if I cook. However, during lockdown we realized how everyone needs to know basic cooking to be self sufficient. I do enjoy occasional cooking and learnt so much of it in lockdown. Yep, I also tried that trending banana bread.

3) Danced alone to my heart’s content!

I love dancing. I am no pro, just your regular club dance crowd that goes wild on bollywood. Lockdown took away the luxury to dance in club so I decided to turn my room into a club! With just the night light on to give the led effect, I used to dance alone (almost) every Friday night to commemorate the start of weekend and it made me feel so relaxed and happy.

4) Learnt that I was capable of being in a long distance relationship!

This one might seem funny. My boyfriend and I are both from Bombay but we met every weekend and sometimes on weekdays too. For me to know a person just texts are NOT enough and I am not a call person, at all. I cannot be with someone whom I cannot spend my time with, it just would not make sense. Yet, when put to test we did manage it and that still shocks me!

5) I (tried) to organize my room!

I am a lazy person when it comes to organizing but I was so bored that I ended up doing that too! Well, I tried. My mom and grandma were so happy, that really made this worth it. I do want to inculcate this habit of organizing into my daily life. I am pretty good at it, only I don’t do it much!

6) Learnt it is OKAY to not do anything!

With so many people wanting to be productive, trying to achieve all sorts of lockdown goals I was just concentrating on what makes me happy. It took me a long time to be okay with not being productive 100% of time. Doing nothing is fun if it makes you happy and it is absolutely okay. Anyone who judges you for it is a terrible person.

7) Started this blog!

While writing has always been my happy place, my go to, I had stopped blogging. Lockdown got me back to it and also made me start the 100 day writing challenge!!! It has made me happy and keeps me on my toes. I always have something to look forward to. Writing is now a part of my routine and I really enjoy it.

Hah! So not a bad lockdown eh?! I can understand if productivity is different to different people but for me the lockdown has been good. Ofcourse I had down days, mental breakdowns, crying for no reason. I struggled. What’s important is that I got back up and took the new day as a new start. Someday, I will talk about the struggles I faced too. For today, let’s be happy with the good side of it.

What was your positive from this lockdown?

That stubborn kind!

Have you ever come across a person who never admits his mistake? Like the mistake seems apparent to every one except that person. They distract you by talking about anything but the mistake. Finding excuses of why the mistake happened (lame ones included) and stating them, in a way, as if that relieves him off the burden of doing the mistake. On rare occasions they cannot refuse the mistake, they find another issue with someone else and try to distract you with it. Oh, when you try to correct them, they laugh as if mocking you (too irritating, too too!!!). Also, they state their mistakes as a matter of pride or a joke to others (totally beyond me). How do deal with such a person? I put in my honest efforts to not get irritated, to not snap even after consistent attempts of provocation but there is only so much I can control. I try not to react or speak immediately and explain when things are calm but it’s all very consuming. It sucks all the energy out. Sometimes there is no other way left but to be stern and I hate talking down on people so that sits on my mind for so long. If there is a better way, please suggest.

Why do we have to adult?


The title is my constant complain and I might never stop complaining about it. I have spent most of the day today with kids and boy did I love it. No tension, no accountability, no responsibility, just pure unadulterated joy. By kids, I mean teenagers. So, adults but like not really adults. Just the ideal age, haha. In my teens, I was honestly just studying. I think the world now is more acceptable for teens and they have so many options of what they wish to choose as a career option. GenZ, as they are called, have an oasis in front of them. My millennial self is definitely jealous. I don’t think that one cannot choose after a certain age, some still can. All I am saying is, you have to be a little privileged to be able to leave all responsibilities and just choose an option that is risky. If you are running solo, with no one else dependent on you, then too you can change your career path and choose a risky option.

Covid has been both a blessing and a curse for students from what I know. I met a teenager in December, who told me more than half of her class is now self employed and doing some or the other small business pursuing their creative skills and passion. I found it very commendable. Let’s face it, education in school and college is good to have a degree but has no real help if you want to pursue something creative. Most of the life lessons are best learnt between lectures in schools and colleges, not so much in lectures.

Ah well, as I said all I did in my teens was study, study, study or read novels and watch tv. Even now, I do random stuff like dance alone, shoot beautiful nature and talk to my plants. That is what keeps me sane in this entire adulting scene. So kids and adults, it’s important to find your sane moment in this mad rushing world and if you know what keeps you sane or should I say what keeps you mad and pure like a kid, never stop doing it.

I live for sunsets and some love!


Today’s post is only going to be about me expressing gratitude. Someday’s you don’t feel anything but gratitude, today’s that day for me.

A lot of things happened today which made me feel thankful. Some big, some small. I met my parents and grandmom after more than a month, I missed them but I only realized how much after I met them. They did not know I was coming and the sheer happiness on their faces, may they always be this happy. I saw an entire sunset today without any thoughts. Peaceful, that’s how it feels. Some music, my swing and nature’s beautiful art. I am anyway a big time sunset lover so all sunsets make me feel sheer gratitude! I ate food for soul, I was craving “dadi ke paranthe” and she made it even when she is not 100% well. I know it’s just how family loves you but I am so grateful I have it. Super super grateful. I have met some wonderful people out here who are so inspiring and I learn everyday from them. For this particular point, I have been feeling grateful this whole week, I really needed to be strong and posts and people here helped. They made me so happy at unexpected times. I have people who love me enough to peel mangoes for me. This is no small feat, I can cut mangoes but peeling them is a task, I end up wasting so much of it. Lucky for me, my loved ones are always up for helping me.

A big big big thank you to the universe!❤

We often take for granted the very things that deserve most of our gratitude.

What are your work ethics?


I have seen people talk about dream jobs, work and life balance, how we should choose a job we love, job should be like vacation etc etc. However, what about work ethics? There has to be some view people have about that too. Once you do get that dream job, what after it? Work is work, even when you are doing what you love. You will not reap benefits if you do not work with atleast some semblence of discipline in your work.

So do you have work ethics? I am a closet nerd. I have a whole list of dos and don’ts about the way I work and I get really anxious if I do something I do not essentially agree to. Maybe it is something that my parents have inculcated in me, I never was a bad student either. The only thing my teachers complained about was that I talk too much and on that front, nothing really has changed. Even when it was a free lecture, I never participated in something that can risk the teacher getting angry. I know it sounds boring but I just like to follow rules, we can have fun following rules too. I have no issues breaking rules which are harmless. Anyway, this is just my take. My best friend is someone who seems to have taken birth to defy rules and I find him pretty cool so that is also one way to live, you choose your way. There is no judgement.

I tried to make pointers to mention my work ethics and have tried to put my perspective across. Maybe it will help someome, to learn from the little experience I have.

Honesty in work

This is a non negotiable for me. I cannot lie or portray something that is untrue in my work. If you are going to lie about your work, why work at all? I hate when people tag themselves on work that they did not do. Taking undue credit for someone else’s work is not just a bad work ethic but also just generally some mean shit. If you are being paid by someone for a service, atleast make sure it is worth the money. When you work with honesty and dedication, it takes you a really long way. Now I know some people do not deserve honest work, it is difficult to work honestly when you see dishonesty win but that’s the real test. If you choose to work honestly, do it for yourself and not for anyone else. So that when you go to sleep, there are no demons troubling you.

Voicing the concerns

I am sure this is something everyone does, we must never sit and take the pressure. If you know something is incorrect, you must raise your voice against it. You must make sure that you have made your stand clear and if you are facing any issues, those are also put forward in a professional manner. In order to voice your opinion, there is no necessity that someone else has to be brought down.

No politics for me

The only political opinions I have are for our beloved government! Haha. Just kidding. Again, most people would prefer not to be jumbled in office politics but it is so difficult. I can count the genuine office friends I have made on my fingers, it’s a small number. When competition enters and with money involved, even the best can crumble. People have tried to lure me in these talks, to gang up on people or back bitching but I just don’t have the appeitite for it.

Know your worth!

It is very important, you must make sure that you get your hardworks worth. You cannot stay at a job, for long, where your work goes unnoticed and there is no value added to it. You should get adequate learning and appreciation opportunities. In my opinion, that is how one can thrive in a workplace.

When I say work ethics, these are not just for a desk job. It can be any work, these things will still apply. The flip side of this is also work ethics of the people who take our services. I do not think that there are a lot of ethics involved on that side. I mean no one becomes a millionaire in a shortspan by being fair, the gap between rich and poor or the rich and middle class people would not be this big if people were paid their dues. There would be no need for minimum wage laws if people paid fairly. But that’s a topic for another day I guess.

Arya Stark, Geet, Jane Sloan, Meredith Grey, Hermione, Katniss..


This was the topic I wanted to write on as my first post of the 100 days challenge. However, I knew it would require research and time so I did what I do best, procrastinated. I have decided to pen this today. What essentially am I talking about you ask? Men writing women.

What exactly do I mean when I say this? Here are some of the common screenshots and pictures shared by people on internet that will show you the problem and then we can discuss it further

Let me start by mentioning something that I read and found very interesting. If you want to investigate how women have been written by men, start at the start, how “eve took the bite forbidden fruit” thereby blaming her for every sinful deed after that. Funny how what Adam did was not forbidden? Or maybe we have heard it in the manner where only Eve was criticized. You can take up so many books and you will find men objectifying women as mere sex objects. Is it really THAT difficult to write a complex woman character that goes beyond your bed and household? Sure, there are some who have got it right but we are majorly just sex objects. I mean “BREASTED BOOBILY”? Just write a book on boobs and get done with it. From the reading I have gotten done, writing women in third person is one thing and men achieve that easily, telling us how they think of women but to be her voice without knowing how females feel ends up being gross.

Women on other hand have proven to do a pretty nice job of writing male characters, no surprises there as we have all grown up reading male authors so they can place men better – case in point, Gone Girl. It has a story from both men and women point of view and both are amazingly justified. I am, by no way, suggesting that femal authors should be forced to write female characters that are strong. Everyone please write what you wish to. I don’t, personally, think gender has to do much with it as much as talent. All we want is for women to be real human beings in your stories, is that too much to ask? Make an effort to study the character you are building in your story, women are way more than their body. There have been researches put in place to suggest why men cheat, really astounding how many articles you will find on that. It is to tell us that it is done by men who are not emotionally stable. Yet, a woman character cannot be researched? If you have a character who is a housewife, ask them their thoughts? Don’t just make the character what you think a housewife is. Similarly, a teen girl is NOT JUST ABOUT HER HORMONES, nor is a teen boy. Teenagers have so many struggles but we see shows and books that speak only of hormones. There are good books that have actual stories but are they as famous as those about sex? I guess not.

If men want to write about women having sex, atleast ask women what they like rather than writing what you think women like! Make it a pleasurable read for us too. So far, all I have felt is gross. Sure enough, there is progress being made and we are seeing people write up characters of women as not just a piece of meat and I only hope the coming generation of writers do a better job.