No rains for me please!


It has been raining so much in Mumbai that I am dreading going anywhere. It really hampers everything and it is getting worse each year. I wanted to rant on it and it went on the lines of how unlucky we are to be subjected to this. That is when I remembered a conversation I had with my mom on luck and how it works

I once asked mom what exactly is luck, to which she answered that its God helping us a little in our task! I wondered that God is unbiased and helps everyone then why is it that only a few feel lucky and rest of us keep cursing our luck. As if mom read my mind, she furthur told me that God helps those who have worked sincerely towards it and deserve it. I found it pretty interesting. So luck is not just a fluke, we need to make luck by our constant efforts! But then there are times when i have worked and slogged for many things and still didnot get those! Does that mean i didnt deserve those? Or was it that my efforts were not enough? When i wondered this aloud, mom told me that there were also times when i got things without puting much efforts in them and that time I didnt ask why I got it, I didnt deserve it! That was the other side I was ignoring. There were actually many times when i got things just like that and i never thanked universe for it! But i still didnt understand the basis on which luck favoured us!
Slowly and gradually i have come to understand it! This little thing called luck works in its own funny ways. I would call it God’s blessing! If we observe our life, we are blessed in every moment, we are lucky every moment! I have realized that i dont thank God for all the times i feel blessed or lucky but the precise moment i feel something going against me i say ‘OH NO, why me’!

Universe and the super power works in its own mysterious ways, so we are not favoured with luck everytime or so we feel! We cannot understand those ways, that is the reason there is a super power beyond our comprehension! It is not for us to understand how His ways work! Ours is the job to work hard, be sincere and thank the universe for all that we have today! We are all God’s children, He will take care of each one of us! We all know this, but still many people go to astrologers and numerologists to make their future better! I dont say its wrong, everyone is curious with regards to future, I too read my zodiac daily! But that is not the way to please the universe or God! We all should first thank Him for what we have today!
If i am able to write this post, am luckier than many who never got a chance to study!
If I get to use technology, am luckier than many who dont even get food daily!
If I have parents, am luckier than many children in orphanage!
If I have a place to call home, am luckier than many who live on streets!
If I wake up in morning, i am luckier than many who died!

I had decided that I will try to stop cursing my luck and show gratitude instead for giving me such a blessed life! However, every now and then I slip and end up with self pity cursing and finding excuses. But today, I chose not to rant but to instead be grateful that I am safe home. I hope everyone else is safe too ❤

Do you believe in luck?

True love!


I told my parents to wake me up if sunset is amazing, I don’t want to miss that due to my afternoon nap. My dad called me continuously until I answered as the sky was amazing during sunset. It had drizzled in afternoon so I was expecting the sunset to be this nice. I felt heard and loved that my parents did not ridicule such a weird ask. I told my partner’s dad that we have been searching for a good juicer online but couldn’t find an effective one, he arranged for it and sent me the one I wanted the next evening. It felt like a blanket of warmth and love. The only processed juice I love is Guava and whenever my partner is shopping for groceries, he gets it for me. It feels nice to have someone who remembers what you like. I love sunsets, clouds, moon and all things sky and this small sister of mine makes sure to click and send me when she sees something beautiful or tags me on them if she finds them online so that I can see and feel happy. It really makes my day so much better. I have a weird thing about someone else looking at my pictures without my permission, even if they are close to me. One whole portfolio of pictures of me was sent to my best friend and she messaged me, “listen I have the photos, don’t worry I will see them if and when want me to”. It is heartwarming when someone understands my insecurities without asking for a reason or ridiculing it. One other.

It’s all in the small things. Love is not expensive, grand or difficult. It’s simple gestures of hearing, acknowledging, remembering what people you love care about. I am grateful for amazing people around me who show me love in various ways. It’s not all rosy, ofcourse they miss and make mistakes too but I guess we need to remember the love they showed us during such down times. We are all humans. While we should not settle for anything less than love, we should also not expect moon everytime.

Small wins!


I have heard so many people preach celebrating small wins but in reality, so many of us undermine our own efforts and small wins. We have been brought up in such a competitive environment that we forget to account for personal wins. Our real competition and growth is vs our ownself. One such win for me is that I made rotis (indian bread) on my own and they turned out pretty edible and good for my first try. I got off early from work so decided to cook the meal myself with help of my partner. We made chicken cooked in delicious sauces and veggies alongside rotis. A very wholesome meal, taste was ordinary but all the efforts put in made it really special for me.

Each day we learn something, so let today be about winning something. Think about your small moment of win or personal growth in recent times and spare a small moment to celebrate the same. It does not have to be anything big nor does the celebration need to be grand, just a small acknowledgement of it and a whole lot of gratitude around it. Do share your small wins here so that I can be a small part of it and feel happy too 🙂

I live for sunsets and some love!


Today’s post is only going to be about me expressing gratitude. Someday’s you don’t feel anything but gratitude, today’s that day for me.

A lot of things happened today which made me feel thankful. Some big, some small. I met my parents and grandmom after more than a month, I missed them but I only realized how much after I met them. They did not know I was coming and the sheer happiness on their faces, may they always be this happy. I saw an entire sunset today without any thoughts. Peaceful, that’s how it feels. Some music, my swing and nature’s beautiful art. I am anyway a big time sunset lover so all sunsets make me feel sheer gratitude! I ate food for soul, I was craving “dadi ke paranthe” and she made it even when she is not 100% well. I know it’s just how family loves you but I am so grateful I have it. Super super grateful. I have met some wonderful people out here who are so inspiring and I learn everyday from them. For this particular point, I have been feeling grateful this whole week, I really needed to be strong and posts and people here helped. They made me so happy at unexpected times. I have people who love me enough to peel mangoes for me. This is no small feat, I can cut mangoes but peeling them is a task, I end up wasting so much of it. Lucky for me, my loved ones are always up for helping me.

A big big big thank you to the universe!❤

We often take for granted the very things that deserve most of our gratitude.