Fly me to the moon!


She opened her eyes and looked around as she was sitting on her swing. It seemed like such a fresh view, which surprised her as she was on the swing for past hour. She noticed how the waves were touching her feet gently when the swing was still. It made her feel like she was part of the sea, a small miniscule part of a big ocean but clearly completing the ocean. Just like each human completes this world and makes it what it is, a part of a big picture. She smiled at this positive thought. She started swinging, bending till she was almost laying horizontal to sand. As she swinged, she stared at the setting sun. Dusk was her favorite part of the day. It portrayed a love story between moon and sun which she could witness. The sea was in process of swalloing the sun and the moon was already up and about in the sky. Sky. She now stared up as she continued to swing. Clouds were pretty today, she thought. Well, when are they not? Came the second thought running behind. She smiled. It made her happy, looking at the clouds. She could see some shapes forming and she tried to guess what was what. She observed all the changing colors in the sky, from blue clear sky to white as clouds came in, to yellow and orange taking over like making love as sun was setting, to a hint of pink like the sky blushed as it saw moon and sun meeting for that fleeting moment to it all becoming a dull gray. She sat up and stopped swinging. She noticed how the wind had picked up and it was blowing into her face. It was also getting cold. She sighed as she realized she will have to go now. She took in the scene one more time, the trees lined up behind her, the vast never ending ocean, the waves touching her feet, the residual of sun’s light, the sky and the stars starting to come in as clouds parted away. She closed her eyes and felt the wind. She felt like she dropped something and bent down to pick it up. As she did so, she saw a tiled floor and she was shocked for a moment. She sat up in shock and took in the surroundings. She was at her home, sitting on a swing and had dropped off the phone. Oh, what a dream!

No such thing as too much vacation!!


My vacation was suppose to end today and we were going to head home but then Saturday night we read the news that the state released some restrictions so we decided yesterday to extend for a day and now we leave tomorrow afternoon. I am big on such impromptu ideas, however they are not always met with same excitement or improvisation that I have. If someone suggests ideas to me, I am always open to them. I do think it is in someway because I know how it feels to be flooded with negativity when you suggest an idea to someone. It’s really hurtful when the first thing someone has to say is “no but what about blah blah”. If you do have some valuable input, can that not be suggested AFTER considering what someone has said? It sure can be, I know it because I sure follow the same. So maybe next time you see someone come to you filled with excitement, don’t deject them with your negativity. It’s okay if you want to give some feedback, but there is a huge difference between negativity and feedback. Huge. So everyone who broadcasts negativity in the name of “suggestion”, please do better. We know what’s what.

My impromptu idea worked this time with some hurdles and we did try to make the most of the day. I am traveling in south india and today was the first time I also came across a very common “language barrier” which has been connected to south as they have a completely different language. Honestly, so far we were really getting along with mix of hindi and english but today I actually communicated in a local person’s tulu vs my english. It seems hilarious now and was completely confusing at that time!! So, we went to the beach for sunset and we were told the transport back to hotel will be super easy to find. We spent our evening and really took our time and left a little before dark. However, much to our surprise, there was no transport available. We kept looking for almost 15 mins when I decided to speak to a local. He kept asking me questions in tulu and trying to guage the hand gestures I responded what I wanted. He then halted another local who was riding a bike and asked him to get transport for us. I was really unsure if that’s what is happening because it was all communicated in their local language. No transport came, no surprises there. I tried stopping a guy on his scooty and much to my surprise he stopped and spoke to me in english. I told him the issue and he said he will send the vehicle as he is going in same direction. With confidence but still doubtful, we started walking in the direction of where vehicle was expected from. After walking for 5 mins, sure enough we saw the local vehicle and when we stopped it they said the guy on scooty had sent him! I was so happy and thanked the guy (though he was not there). Bless him!!! It was pretty adventurous for us as we reached hotel much after dark!

Ah well, if you were at a beach with scene as beautiful as below, would you leave on time? 🙂

Sun playing peekaboo!
Best monday blues!

Bump in the road!


My vacation is going good. However, like everytime there is vacation anxiety attached. When we are checking out places we want to visit, there is always a thought of leaving something out or missing out some place. I mean what if that place is superb and we just don’t visit it? That’d make me so sad. Also, sometimes aiming to over achieve you forget to pause and enjoy!! So far, we have stuck to the plan and it’s all so beautiful but anxiety hits when the day ends, forcing me to overthink what coming day holds and what if I goof up on that. The crux of the matter is, I want to see new things and I want to see them all. Earlier, I did not really rest and my vacations were super hectic but that was okay as I was also mentally much stronger. Right now, my mental health needs vacations which are paced well but anxiety makes me want to change the course. Here’s to hope I can overcome my anxiety and enjoy the places I am at 🙂

Posting what keeps me sane during such episodes of anxiety!

Sunset today!

Peek from the vacation!


Whoever read my last post, here is an update on the little boy. He has lip cuts and a fractured hand but he is going to be fine. Keep him in your prayers, I know I will.

Since I am on vacation, I decided to post some pictures and show you guys how it’s going. The only time I take my phone is if I want to use the camera to document the moment or place I am at. It has been extremely fun, more so because it is after such a big gap. Please do not mind if I have not responded or missed reading any of your blogs, I will get back to it with full swing. I have tried my best to not miss blogs because I genuinely love reading them 🙂

Tea with a view
Feeling sandy!
Letting the light in!
Road not taken!
Door to Happiness!
Rains and beach!

Do let me know which picture do you like the most?

I made some new friends…or not!!


Most people in India are familiar with the fact that cyclone Tauktae was suppose to pass through Bombay today so I woke up to loud rain and wind noises. I am not really scared of it but ofcourse I feel extremely sorry for people whose home’s were water logged or damaged due to it.

Me being more privileged than others, since I have a stable home where I stayed indoors, I decided to chase clouds using my phone. Oh and the wonders I caught!!! First and foremost I caught these three gentlemen crossing through the ledge of my balcony.

No but seriously, how gorgeous is nature’s work and by that mean both the sky and the monkey! I was scared they will take my phone away but I don’t scare easy so I simply changed the location which lead to this.

Yup, they were this close to taking my phone away! I heard my partner calling for me and shooing the monkey while I went to check something in another room, I simply assumed the phone must have fallen due to wind but no one small monkey wanted the phone. But I am glad to announce he did not win. My phone is safe, for now. Since my spirit is still not deterred, chances of them getting my phone are still pretty high. As a background to this, they have broken and ripped out four of my plants. Literal heart break so I don’t think I’d be that sad about the phone, my heart has taken worse Mr. Monkey. I know he won’t read this but just felt good to type it. Moving on, since I still had my phone I finally did capture the heavy rain attack today.

It’s so mighty, this world and it’s creator. You can see in the video that the wind shook my phone so much at start that the lapse is shaky. You will be able to see nature’s wrath as well as it’s beauty. Birds visited the ledge for shade and stared at the sky alongwith me. I will never stop being in awe of nature’s marvel around us. I have also tried to capture this on my gopro, I am not sure if anyone is interested to see that so I didn’t really transfer that. Maybe some other time 🙂