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“Fine”, she sighed forgiving him again!

Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #82 – July 17, 2021

After a gap of a week, now back participating in this amazing prompt by Shweta who I dearly adore 🙂 This week’s word is Drug. I have tried to do a toxic version of same, let me know how you find it?

Learning never stops!


I have spoken about why I took up the challenge for writing daily for 100 days in short on some of my posts! I just wanted some discipline in my writing habits. For someone who wrote since she was a teenager, adulting really changed things and I drifted apart from my second love. I was thinking about this a lot today, why did I stop writing? It was really a random thought that occured to me in evening and I have been mulling over same since then. Basically, I was wondering what should I write about and I had a couple of topics. But just like a typical writer, when I was structuring the topics in my head, I drifted to thinking why did I even stop writing? If I have learnt one thing doing this challenge, it’s that it is best to let the words flow rather than plan beforehand. Both ways are amazing but impromptu writing has a feel which sometimes structured writing lacks. What’s wonderful is that I have again drifted from the topic! One of the strongest reasons why I feel I stopped writing is because I stopped reading, which is my first love. Now that this challenge has helped me streamline my writing, I want to challenge myself to complete a certain number of books in this year, well whatever is left of it! I have believed this since start and have also read it that the key to becoming a good writer is to be a compulsive reader. If you just write what comes to your mind, it will exhaust you at some point. Reading what others write, knowing different perspectives, fiction and non fiction both, opens so many doors. Your thinking horizon expands and you can write so much more freely. I am not sure how many of you agree to this?

I have been reading since I can remember. I used to read so many books, it scared my mom. A book is a door to a whole new world, you can visit so many places, live so many lives, make so many friends and this is all just by reading. If you have not guessed, I love reading fiction or autobiographies. Reading about people’s lives, knowing their struggles and watching them win over them motivates me. Entering a fictional world where good wins over bad makes me believe in power of universe again. Past few years have taken away the two most treasured things of my life and the reason is classic, I was busy. Having regained my focus for writing back, I cannot wait to start reading again. It is therapeutic, calming and so exciting I am already smiling thinking of it.

I have two questions though and I would love if you guys helped me with answers! What should be the number of books I should aim at reading this year as a motivation to move towards it? Which is your most favorite book? I am so looking forward to your answers! 🙂

That warm and fuzzy feeling!


13 is not considered a great number so I wanted to post something happy today. I am a rebel like that. So for this, I just asked someone, what makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Very disappointing answer was, “what’s fuzzy?”. I asked him to google and he told me watching the series FRIENDS does that to him. I liked his answer and with that I started to just think on what makes me warm and fuzzy.

Fuzzy feeling is a feeling of comfort, like you feel when you are under a blanket on a cold evening. Even typing that made me long for an evening just like that! Okay, so what makes me feel warm and fuzzy? I’d say unexpected gestures and handwritten notes or emails. I just love when someone does something (small or big does not matter) unexpected for me, dropping me a text to say they were thinking of me, telling me they saw something that reminded them of me, you got the drift right? Just knowing that there are memories you’ve made with people that they are fondly remembering. It’s like a warm virtual hug! Next thing that ties with this is hand written notes or emails! I love writing long and random emails to friends and I love receiving them just as much. I used to do that a lot before, I had once emailed a crush of mine who I just followed on twitter telling him that he is AWESOME! He did not even know of my existence and his reply was the exact definition of “warm and fuzzy” and I remember, jumping on bed when I read it. It was full of love and it was so unexpected! Ah, what a nice memory! So yes, I am very old school like that. I had even sent postcards to my best friends with special notes handwritten by me and I was so excited to see their reaction and happiness when they received it. I even try and keep all handwritten notes I have received with gifts over the years, even if it just says that the package is for me in their own handwriting. I had even tried to maintain a book in which I used to write all my favorite poems, there was no reason for it. It just made me so happy. I wish I’d be more attentive towards making myself happy even now. Maybe I will try! 🙂

To think of it, it is not that difficult to make someone feel nice. All it takes is a small, thoughtful gesture. Thank you to everyone who is reading this, please do comment and let me know what makes you feel “warm and fuzzy”? I am already excited to read the answers.