Imagination spree!


We went on a drive before dinner today. It drizzled for a bit but nothing too major so our view was good. Our car was on an extended road. Like this road is newly made adjacent to highway with a divider in middle separating the twl. The street lights are on the main highway and this road did not have any lights. It was dark apart from the light from our car’s headlights. All we could see was two red lights at a distance ahead of us. So two red lights, seeming like eyes, staring at us as we moved ahead. The distance remained same but soon it started to seem like we were chasing the demon himself. Trees on both sides, red eyes and us moving in their direction. It felt pretty eerie after a point. Thanks to my (very active) imagination, I started to think about all sorts of “things” we might be chasing and who we might end up having an encounter with. I do believe that ghosts exists and that there are spirits with unfulfilled wishes, still tied to earth because a wish is not fulfilled. We were four of us in the car. I knew that the friend who was driving it, would take a you turn on a one way road if I suggested that it was demon we were chasing. The other girl would be interested in finding out what it is, she watches youtube videos about supernatural things as a hobby. Even I would want to know what it is, atleast upto a certain point. The last guy would not be too keen to chase this! So, weighing the situation I stayed shut and just let my imagination run as to what might happen if that indeed is a demon. Was it the demon leading us? Has he or she seen us? Is it a good spirit or a scorned one? Do we need any weapons? Do weapons even help? As we drove, the separation between highway and extension was about to end and the car (two red tail lights) ahead of us joined the rest of the traffic, as did we, much to my disappointment.

Do you believe in ghosts?

24 thoughts on “Imagination spree!

  1. Ghosts πŸ‘» πŸ‘» I do believe πŸ™„πŸ™„coz it’s better to continue believing either supernatural or superstitious powers as we did since our child hood but ensuring these thoughts aren’t creating any negativity.

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  2. Another awesome post, my dear friend! You are on a roll! Yes, I do believe in ghosts. I think this Universe is more magical than we are lead to believe! πŸ–€πŸ€—πŸ’«

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  3. That was spooky!! I do believe in ghosts but for the life of me, I hope and pray I never cross paths with one. I avoid horror films for the same reason. More sleepless nights πŸ˜”

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  4. That was some intense imagination. I am scared of darkness because I feel that someone’s following me with some kind of weapon in their hands. I shouldn’t have watched those crime shows on TV as a kid!

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    • Hahahahhaha. I am scared of darkness too. A lot but that’s because it feels closed. Not sure if that makes sense. Savdhaan rahen, satark rahen! 🀭🀭


  5. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ Love your wild imagination. You got a bit too imaginative there. The supernatural belief is probably thanks to Harry Potter? 😜 I believe in spirits too, but ghosts, I don’t know. Whether or not I believe in their existence, I’m too scared of them to even sleep alone πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚ I mean, what would I do if they suddenly snatch me away at night when it’s dark and I’m alone in thr room? What if they kill me? But I still can’t get as imaginative as you 😜

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    • Ofcourse Harry potter and Twilight both play a part in making me believe in something bigger and unidentified existing in universe 😌❀ i too thought I cannot sleep alone but when I had to, I did and it was not scary anymore. You can cross that bridge when time comes πŸ₯³ Hmmm, what if they take you away while you are sleeping alone, into the deep jungles, you can hear them, feel them but not see them. You are then taken to a cave, where your blindfold is removed and what you see shocks you! πŸ€ͺ I ll leave rest for your imagination πŸ™‚

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