Why do we call it guilty pleasure?


I have had a very lazy day and the mood has stayed lazy throughout. We have seen all reality tv shows and such massy content. I really love watching reality tv. So when I started to write about my day, I wanted to mention it as “guilty pleasure”. But then I got to thinking why call it that? I mean content is content. Just because it does not win an oscar does not make it my guilt! They make people happy and well that should not be labeled this way. It’s really weird why people want to have standards for how one gets pleased too. I saw what makes me happy and that’s all I am gonna say about it. Done with society trying to make me feel guilty about something I like.

I don’t want to force myself to write or think today. It is consuming and as I said, I feel lazy. I want to keep that feeling with me. The only thought I had was what I already shared.

Do tell me what is your “guilty pleasure”? We can chat in comments, laziness allows me that!

41 thoughts on “Why do we call it guilty pleasure?

  1. That’s soo sweet, simple n real dear. Society is always there to make us feel guilty but we are the one who should choose our pleasures in simple things that made us happy. ✌😍

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  2. I love this post!!! So true and authentically YOU!! Thanks for sharing! I don’t eat sugar, so not really into dessert β€œguilty” pleasures. I’d have to say daydreaming…I could spend hours just doing nothing but watching my thoughts fly in my mind πŸ€ͺ😊.

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      • Ah I’m super into nutrition and I had been researching sugar for a while…I finally made the leap about a year ago. I feel so much better, my energy is fully dependent on me now. I don’t really miss sugar, the first transition is hard but after a while you don’t crave it anymore. Desserts are a fun delicacy though, nothing to feel guilty about at all!!!!!! And I have a few special sugar free desserts 😁

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  3. I think a real guilty pleasure is something we don’t want to talk about lol!!

    I thoroughly enjoy talking on the blog. More than I believe some bloggers like. Some seem to like a comment or 2. Maybe a few. Very few enjoy large doses of me though lol.

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      • You know those new Ice cream places where they smash and paste and mix everything in your ice cream ,whether it’s cookies or chocochips or even Ferrero rocher…it’s absolute heaven and loaded with calories so a very guilty pleasure indeed πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ€©πŸ€©

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