Where it all started!


It’s my partner’s birthday on Sunday and that is all my head and day is occupied with lately! I want to do something special for him but I am really short of ideas!!! He will be reading this (he is my first reader and proofreader too) so please pay extra attention to the point that it has been hard planning anything!!! However, why wait till Sunday to make you feel special? I am in a happy mood today so have decided to share how me and him actually met. It will be a story for you all and trip down memory lane for him! πŸ™‚

So, 2018, picture a girl dancing with her office friend on an empty road as their car had taken a stop before the final picnic spot. This said friend was recording the said funny dance and posted it on her social media where it caught the eye of a boy as girl’s office colleague is boy’s college friend. Who could have imagined this? He texts asking about the girl in the video to his friend and says he would like to speak to her (Talk about going straight for the shot, eh?). So, I was still merrily enjoying my office outing when I was told about this random boy and how he “liked” my dance or video or whatever it was! To be honest, my first reaction was “okay”. Like, fine a guy liked my video, no big deal. I did not even think much over it when this colleague (our common friend aka cupid) told me he wants to talk to me. I was like, huh?? What? Ofcourse, I will not talk and this was it. We spent our office outing enjoying the camping and just like that the weekend was over. What was not over was this common friend’s insistence that I have to atleast speak to the guy, he is amazing and so on and so forth. Just to get her off my back and because I love her dearly, I said okay I will speak to him and she inturn told him to message me. Here is the interesting bit, for someone who wanted to speak to me, this guy took his own time messaging and I am not used to waiting (later it became known he had a hectic work day which caused the delay). So, what do you think I’d have done? I really wanted this done with and never really believed in waiting for the guy to message so I messaged him instead!! In my head, it was suppose to be a quick chat and then bye bye. But here we are, three and a half years later, with me narrating the start of this story!

Love came to me when I least expected it. Least. I was too focused on work and enjoying my life, one trip at a time to get into a serious relationship! He, on the other hand, was looking for a serious relationship. We spoke for about 10 days I guess, video calls and chatting, like it goes before he asked me out on a date. Not in a cheesy way, more like two friends wanting to hang and I said yes because it was not cheesy plus we were going to a flea market so I was really excited about that, apart from meeting him ofcourse! The meeting did not seem like it was our first, I felt at ease immediately and we were talking, roaming and telling stories to each other in no time (I have no clue how he felt but I am guessing it was good for him and you will know why soon!). The best part? Food. I am a hogger and he does not scare easy I guess because he was okay with no matter how much I ate and was willing to check more food options (big big YESSSSS!). It was a cute evening date followed by a peaceful dinner and then we went home. I reached after him as I lived a little farther from where we had been and as soon as I texted him I reached, he asked me if I will be his girlfriend (that’s how I know he must have enjoyed too). While we have had our share of ups and major downs, I am pretty sure that yes was a good decision on my part. How did he know in 5 hours of meeting that he loves me? I don’t know. When I ask him, he says “I just knew”. He is a man of few words and I never stop talking. He hardly expresses and I hardly contain emotions. He is the calm and I am the storm. I can deal with all these opposites! What I cannot deal with is why does he have to add ketchup to everything? It changes the taste!!!

Hope my story brought a smile to your face, I love love stories so do let me know if you have one too?

57 thoughts on “Where it all started!

  1. Just to set the record – My use of ketchup is perfect. And for the story, I myself don’t remember the finer details..But yea I guess that was brave amd risky on my part on how it all started.. 😝.. I will take credit for that..For everything else you get the credit..Love u loads😘😘

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  2. Thank you for sharing this sweet story with us!!! What a special tale of love!!! I loved reading and getting to know more about this part of you! And happy early birthday to your partner!!!! So cool he proof reads your stuff! Keep shining, my friend! I always enjoy your posts! πŸ–€πŸ€—

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    • Oh Ace, what a cutie you are. A cutie with a melodious voice. Thank you for the sweet sweet words. He has read the wishes πŸ™‚ haha I sometimes cannot re read what I wrote so it works best if he reads and proof reads πŸ™‚

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  3. Loved the story.
    Birthday wishes in advance……..
    Ketchup changes everything, I agree. But I like ketchup too, so I don’t mind.

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  4. Heyyy!! Happy birthday to your partnerπŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³. May you guys be happy forever and ever!! It was an amazing story!!! With much love to you guys😊😊❀❀❀

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  5. aww 83 is just ace… I like the sound of your fella… complete opposite of me but the way you portrait him reminds me of my very good mate who is still, even as we are getting on a bit, really cool in a not showing off way… and here’s the thing he don’t and haven’t haven’t lived in each others pockets. It’s not been unusual for years to pass without any contact. We’ve each partners (ex’s in my case and one too many) and kids and grandchildren. Then as it happens we’re back in touch. He says “Al, I’ve gotta buy the son-in-law an Xmas pressi… let’s meet up and you can help me choose something”. We meet and do the high end shops looking at the silly prices and remembering when we would pay the earth for the latest limited edition Amarani tie to match the stitching in the latest Grenson brogues (a classy shoe, if you didn’t know) And, then we saw it a hoody from Paul Smith… we looked at each other and smiled, “yep, that’s just the thing” said my mate. I burst out laughing but was in full agreement. For what we knew without saying it was that Paul Smith was never really anygood at leisure wear, as far as we were concerned that is, and that was the point. Would the son-in-law know this. For sure his daughter would. And, as for me I knew I’d get the blame if his daughter twigged and the son-in-law looked like a pudding. And, this too is my greatest love story too. Its about two lads that are chalk and cheese just being themselves and so much so nobody or no thing, not even time, could break the bonds. Your story sounds something like… absolutely absolute… brilliant…. have fun… loving 83.

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    • thanks for the like youngman,… pst pst love creates the conditions for inflicting the greatest of hurt… protect it with just knowing it in all of your heart and you won’t go far wrong… and if you do happen to go a bit wrong make sure it’s funny…

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      • where else can they come from lol lol lol… although you should see the one’s I make else where ‘sure’ I say, ‘the obvious limitations in Deluze derive from the contradictions within its own axioms ; the assumptions made are premised on the German hermaneutic, failing to integrate the underlying Jewish hermaneutic. Strangely and with irony the very subject matter [schizophrenia] is usually about the claim to be something other than one’s self. A claim that Kant negates completely in a bid for standardisation and Nietzsche denies – suicide is in the internalised killing of self in the absence of an external God. These generalities operating only within the schemata of an external golden thread and the possibility of an emergent self. Schizophrenia being a gross irreparable disruption to an idealised notion of personality’….

        I much prefer being on your 100 that’s for sure…. lol lol…

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  6. Awwww ❀❀❀ such a cute one 😍 I also love love stories and the real life one’s restores my beliefs in love!!! Your’s is such a lovely one 😍
    God bless you both ❀❀

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    • Oh I love flea markets too!! The lights, music, food and ofcourse shopping πŸ™‚ whats not to love athough i don’t like to shop haha!! Thank you for your Kind words, Jeff! Much love ❀

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      • YES, exactly, Pooja! Flea markets are the best. You’re most welcome, my dear friend. Thank you, received, and sending love right back to you. ❀❀


  7. My gf “stalked” me here on wp and then set an email to me. We emailed for a bit then went to text now we use WhatsApp to stay in touch. It is a long distance love. Lol. I went to her city to meet her and she stalled me for days before finally getting the nerve to met me. We have taken trips together and we talk on the phone nearly every day. We also WhatsApp video, audio and text daily. The pandemic has kept us apart but we are both fully vaccinated so just waiting to meet up. Btw…she is much younger than me. Yes she is well over 21. Lol. Happy birthday to your partner.

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    • Oh wowww! That’s soooooo sweet. A WP love story. I am rooting for a solid meet up once you both can manage that. Long distance relationships demand much more as per me, so so heart warming to see the efforts you are putting πŸ™‚ love is love and age is just a number!! πŸ™‚ so all good! Thank you for the wishes!

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  8. Aww that’s such a sweet story….seems like straight out of a rom com. I think his birthday celebrations indeed started early with this postπŸ₯°πŸ₯°….and also, just like your lobster, both me and my guy are total ketchup lovers…. especially him…and everyone who calls us over knows this….the guy needs his ketchup more than anything else!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    • Hahah, it does seem like a comedy movie if you take into consideration how we behave with each other 🀣🀣 oh no, why you? You had to be in my no ketchup team yaar. Not fair!!! Wow, your guy is obsessed with ketchup πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

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  9. Aww that’s such a sweet love story. I love love Stories too. Love does come knocking when you least expect it..I guess that’s a sign that you guys are meant to be. Btw, happy birthday to him. I hope that your plans work out well! My husband and I are opposites too. And like you said, he’s the calm and I’m the storm 🀣🀣🀣

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  10. Calm and storm sounds very poetic πŸ˜‰ Best wishes for his birthday! Loved reading this post, like all your others 🀍
    PS: I agree with you about adding ketchup to everything 😣 Can be such a bummer!

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  11. A really cute love story!!! The ketchup thing is brand new information, can’t relate Bhavesh! I don’t like ketchup on anything, you’d rather just eat the ketchup, it’s taste is overpowering…

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    • Yayyy thank you!!! Hahah he does not put it on everything. Really few things but it still irritates me, like omelet bread, cutlet or something similar. Not on anything else but stilllll! πŸ˜†

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