Love for trains!


I am back home, no matter how long or how nice the vacation is, the end hurts. I am bummed, sad and already missing being out and about. I am grateful, beyond you can imagine, that I got my chance. But yet, let a girl be sad in peace, I am allowed that much I hope. Well, vacation is over but not the feeling of it (yet). It’s nothing I want to talk about from this vacation, I will for that too but later. For now, let’s get a little nostalgic and talk about travels we did when we were tiny little kids, at the mercy of our parents. Things were not this advanced and people mingled more, oh so much more. Ready to dive?

If you have watched Big Bang Theory, then you know what is that one thing Sheldon loves the most. TRAINS!!..Well I won’t claim that my love is in any way comparable to his but it definetly is there.

When I was a child I remember traveling to my native place by train (Flights were less and too expensive). It was a good 35 hour journey or more if any delays and I don’t remember complaining about it even for a minute. Maybe a few reasons why I loved them so much then was because me and my sister would get down at any station and ask our dad to get us a couple of magazines/comics each. We hardly read those but it was a train thing. You just had to buy one. Another thing was people. I remember making friends on these journeys which made the journey seem shorter and added so much fun. Then was food – As you entered new states there was different variety of food you would get to eat. This is very much relevant in India, as we have so much variety of regions and the associated food. By the time you reach the final destination you have had food from almost 3-4 states. Now that’s something. This food might be available in the state you live but the local flavor is always different. Not many can get it right if they are not from the region. There are so many stories I still remember from that time. Unadulterated fun!! Let me share one funny yet cute story that has stayed with me. So there was this one time when there was an Asian couple traveling on an adjacent berth and they were carrying their own food. Generally, at that time once you get acquainted to people sitting around, you would share your food. That was the easiest way to form a bond and express love. None of us spoke to them but I still remember that for lunch they had something authentic and something that I had not seen before. Imagine a small kid sitting on a train seat staring at the food on someone else’s plate which looked nothing similar to whatever he has eaten uptil now. I was so intrigued and frankly speaking I wanted to taste it. I remember wanting to taste it and I also remember not having the guts to go and ask for it. However, it is still something I remember and I don’t know entirely know why?! Could it be due to the fact that I love food? Or just because it was something the kid in me wanted but never got?

Nowadays I hardly get a chance to take a long distance train as flights are cheaper and more convenient as you save on time. But luckily for this trip of mine I got to travel by train and though not all the experiences (due to covid) were like the earlier days, I still did get to relive some of my childhood memories. Also, for a person who loves to travel, meeting new people and listening to their stories is as much a part of it as is the experience of a new place.

What mode would you choose for a long distance journey?

34 thoughts on “Love for trains!

  1. Welcome back home!!!! Hope you had an amazing vacation and your heart feels in heaven after the vacation!
    I too miss trains. I haven’t taken a train ride for over 1.5 years due to this lockdown!!

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  2. Trains are interesting! They’re probably the best because you can watch everything go by. It’s a great way to see a country!

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  3. I love long distance travel too, but for different reasons – I take the top berth and sleep all day like mad 😊
    Were you on the Konkan rail? I was never on that, but it’s supposed to be very picturesque.

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    • Hahaha, I have heard that one before! Let me tell you a secret, I am scared of upper birth because I fell while sleeping once. I was really small but never got over the fear haha. I have been on konkan rail, it is magical. I was in Mangalore express πŸ™‚


  4. Since the places I would travel to, I would need a plane. But I do drive to the different places in the USA states for planes are inconvenient and trains are mostly nonexistent. When I was in the first grade my parents and myself traveled from Boston Massachusetts to Los Angeles California by car. The three things I remember The most was, seeing the Rocky mountains from a state away, being disappointed in the petrified forest because I was expecting to see stone trees and not just rocks on the ground, and playing in the pool in Las Vegas. So you have a sister? Is she younger or older and does she have a blog?

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    • Ohhhh. I do agree that not all places are connected by trains that well. The one I took passed through such a picturesque route, I could not believe it. So many cloud beds, vegetarians and small rivers. Your trip sounds like a perfect mix of fun and sun! Haha no, I am an only child. This was a cousin πŸ™‚ no blog, sorry! You’ll have to just settle for mine for a while haha.

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  5. I’m glad that you’re back home. Vacations tend to give you a hangover. I’ve never been a fan of trains. I don’t hate them completely but I prefer other forms of transportation. My longest train journey was during my college tour – Trivandrum to Delhi. That was with my entire classmates. So it was great fun πŸ˜€

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    • Yesss, so much hangover!! I want to plan another vacation like already! I can completely understand, not everyone prefers trains πŸ™‚ omg, trivandrum to delhi? That’s like two ends. Must have taken so long and given you so many memories, specially with friends 😍

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  6. Loved this post coz I just love trains myself and really miss traveling by them now. Oh the pure delight of a train journey! From the chai in kulhads at stations to buying comics from the station bookstall all of it was the best kind of funβ™₯️😊 to sleeping on the upper berth and so much more…

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    • Hai na!!!! It is so beautiful, the excitement of entering a new state…getting to see the places we pass by and the plethora the stations have to offer πŸ™‚ ooh i hate upper berths cos I fell once but yes for everything else haha πŸ˜„

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