No such thing as too much vacation!!


My vacation was suppose to end today and we were going to head home but then Saturday night we read the news that the state released some restrictions so we decided yesterday to extend for a day and now we leave tomorrow afternoon. I am big on such impromptu ideas, however they are not always met with same excitement or improvisation that I have. If someone suggests ideas to me, I am always open to them. I do think it is in someway because I know how it feels to be flooded with negativity when you suggest an idea to someone. It’s really hurtful when the first thing someone has to say is “no but what about blah blah”. If you do have some valuable input, can that not be suggested AFTER considering what someone has said? It sure can be, I know it because I sure follow the same. So maybe next time you see someone come to you filled with excitement, don’t deject them with your negativity. It’s okay if you want to give some feedback, but there is a huge difference between negativity and feedback. Huge. So everyone who broadcasts negativity in the name of “suggestion”, please do better. We know what’s what.

My impromptu idea worked this time with some hurdles and we did try to make the most of the day. I am traveling in south india and today was the first time I also came across a very common “language barrier” which has been connected to south as they have a completely different language. Honestly, so far we were really getting along with mix of hindi and english but today I actually communicated in a local person’s tulu vs my english. It seems hilarious now and was completely confusing at that time!! So, we went to the beach for sunset and we were told the transport back to hotel will be super easy to find. We spent our evening and really took our time and left a little before dark. However, much to our surprise, there was no transport available. We kept looking for almost 15 mins when I decided to speak to a local. He kept asking me questions in tulu and trying to guage the hand gestures I responded what I wanted. He then halted another local who was riding a bike and asked him to get transport for us. I was really unsure if that’s what is happening because it was all communicated in their local language. No transport came, no surprises there. I tried stopping a guy on his scooty and much to my surprise he stopped and spoke to me in english. I told him the issue and he said he will send the vehicle as he is going in same direction. With confidence but still doubtful, we started walking in the direction of where vehicle was expected from. After walking for 5 mins, sure enough we saw the local vehicle and when we stopped it they said the guy on scooty had sent him! I was so happy and thanked the guy (though he was not there). Bless him!!! It was pretty adventurous for us as we reached hotel much after dark!

Ah well, if you were at a beach with scene as beautiful as below, would you leave on time? 🙂

Sun playing peekaboo!
Best monday blues!

29 thoughts on “No such thing as too much vacation!!

  1. भाषा और भाषा विलुप्त होने मेरे दिल के करीब है दोनों मेरे माता पिता स्वदेशी भाषा से दूर स्कूली किया गया है….क्या आप के लिए एक महान भ्रमण … btw यह एक गूगल अनुवाद बात है

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  2. a couple more nice photos and i really like the top photo. i feel vacations should be a mix of planned and unplanned. if traveling with someone i would hope they would speak up as it is their vacation too. i find it interesting that your country has different languages. though the usa is a very large country, we all speak the same language, mostly. lol. we may have accents and terms which maybe difficult to understand, and some very small areas which may have some language differences, it is not a issue. your adventure with travel back from the beach makes for a great story and an added memory.

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    • Thank you so much! I am glad you like the photos! 🙂 I’d also want people to tell how they feel but it’s just sad if they get their way but refuse to bend when it’s time for someone else to be a lil happy. It’s a two way street!! Oh, India has so many languages you’d be surprised 🙂


  3. I’m glad that you managed to get an extended vacation. Language can be such a barrier. The beach looks so beautiful. I would want to stay back and drink it in too. That was so sweet of him to help you. Random acts of kindness like these show that all hope is not lost for humanity.

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  4. For someone who claims to not be a beach person much, you certainly don’t look out of place.

    Hope you’re having a great time!

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  5. We many times come across such helpful individuals during our travel.
    And the vacation pics were splendid. Loved the idea of a last moment extension when chance provided, we did exactly the same thing once in Goa, reached bus station then had second thoughts, postponed ticket by one day and were back in the hotel 😀

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  6. Great images and totally rocking first para. I am glad I read that.
    On the second para, I can relate to you. Waiting for sunset & getting stuck without a vehicle. Below is an incident:
    So once we friends (Guys Gang) went to Alibaug, more of a hippie trip. The plan was a weekend stay at an airbnb type apartment with a terrace, we got breakfast from the family living downstairs who owned the place. So we went without a transport vehicle. We met after office hours Friday evening and went from Panvel via a big one-way cab (more like Tuk-Tuk). Booked the stay from night to next evening (more like 24 hours unusal stay time). We went to the beach via an ST bus and on return, we got stuck. Without being aware of the frequency and long distance crowded buses, we were stranded and had planned to return home the same night via same route (cab until panvel then back home). So much for the sunset and chilling at beach, we were able to reach home safely although in the dark. Well, with good people and views, you can never say no to anything….

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    • Hahahahah. What a story. But see, it left you with a wonderful memory so I guess that’s worth it? I am looking forward to pics to see if the sunset of worth all the efforts! I love tuk tuk, although not sure if it’s okay for such a big distance 😀


  7. I’m so glad you got to extend your vacation by another day. Vacations are magical and you always tend to dread it’s end. I can imagine how happy this one extra day of vacation might have made you!

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  8. It’s nice that the Scooby guy helped you out. Good to know such people still exist THOSE GORGEOUS PHOTOS!!!! I mean, WHO’d want to leave on time? 🤪 Indeed, there’s no such thing as too much vacation. Very well put.

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