Bump in the road!


My vacation is going good. However, like everytime there is vacation anxiety attached. When we are checking out places we want to visit, there is always a thought of leaving something out or missing out some place. I mean what if that place is superb and we just don’t visit it? That’d make me so sad. Also, sometimes aiming to over achieve you forget to pause and enjoy!! So far, we have stuck to the plan and it’s all so beautiful but anxiety hits when the day ends, forcing me to overthink what coming day holds and what if I goof up on that. The crux of the matter is, I want to see new things and I want to see them all. Earlier, I did not really rest and my vacations were super hectic but that was okay as I was also mentally much stronger. Right now, my mental health needs vacations which are paced well but anxiety makes me want to change the course. Here’s to hope I can overcome my anxiety and enjoy the places I am at πŸ™‚

Posting what keeps me sane during such episodes of anxiety!

Sunset today!

14 thoughts on “Bump in the road!

  1. so, you are getting the two for one of it all, it wouldn’t matter where you are, beit the Bombay station, the falling child sensation or the sunset butterflies revelation, you will always bring two and that’s just you, so relax in the knowing it’s OK too, two for one gifts from you to you.

    Enjoy your-2for1-selves… only you can give permission to you.


  2. You are seeing some very beautiful places as your vacation pics show. Some vacations should be to relax in one place that you like, than running between many. Keep enjoying your vacation πŸ™‚


  3. People who are not on vacation are jealous of you, do note make them not-jealous by having anxiety in your trip. You have gone to an untapped place, love it all & cherish!!!


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