Peek from the vacation!


Whoever read my last post, here is an update on the little boy. He has lip cuts and a fractured hand but he is going to be fine. Keep him in your prayers, I know I will.

Since I am on vacation, I decided to post some pictures and show you guys how it’s going. The only time I take my phone is if I want to use the camera to document the moment or place I am at. It has been extremely fun, more so because it is after such a big gap. Please do not mind if I have not responded or missed reading any of your blogs, I will get back to it with full swing. I have tried my best to not miss blogs because I genuinely love reading them πŸ™‚

Tea with a view
Feeling sandy!
Letting the light in!
Road not taken!
Door to Happiness!
Rains and beach!

Do let me know which picture do you like the most?

33 thoughts on “Peek from the vacation!

  1. All of the photos are very nice. Looks like a nice place to relax and that’s what you should be doing. Do not worry about visiting our blogs or answering our comments. Just have fun.

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  2. I’m glad to know that little boy is alright. The photos look so peaceful, warm and inviting. I’d love to visit it. Would you mind sharing the name of the this place?
    Don’t worry about not reading. You’re on vacation and you should thoroughly enjoy it. ❀️

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