Start or an end?!


I need a new word for excitement mixed with paranoia, that’s how I feel right now standing at a local railway station somewhere in Bombay, observing the crowd and diving in my thoughts. Crowd on station this night is a mix of people with varied purposes which are not really difficult to ascertain. Regular commuters, going back home after work, tired eyes, surity of whereabouts and the wait for the train very much evident on their face. Local police, doing their regular strolls to keep people in check, appearing authoritative yet approacable from their gait. Travelers who are waiting for inter state or intra state trains, some excited to start their trip (read me) and some perhaps going to their home, luggage surrounding them, eyes on the indicators to check and double check the place and timing of their coaches. What has hit me though is that inspite of the crowd, there is a lull. A lull I can never associate with Bombay. My city is known for it’s hussle, rush and noise. Pre covid, if you visited the same station at same time, it would be bustling with activity with so much noise, you’d need ear plugs. Some find it too commercialized and crowded, it is my home. I hate seeing my home not seem like home. I visited a local railway station after 1.5 years today, I used to take a train to work 5 days a week and yet it seemed like I cannot recognize this place. Covid has done too much harm already, I can only hope that it does not take away the feeling of home from my city. It might seem too unimportant but for someone who has adored Bombay and everything it is, this is a shock. It means loss of too many business, jobs and a domino effect with it that we are all aware of.

On the positive side, I have successfully boarded the train and that marks a start of a very short trip that we have managed to sneak in our lives after a lot of hussle! See you on the other side! πŸ₯°

40 thoughts on “Start or an end?!

  1. I’d call it amygdalian…. the amygdala is that part of the brain which keeps us alerts…. . some call it’s function the barking dog…. nicely described by the way… I felt the words and all the interplay too… for some the sensory overload is too great and the para sympathic function of the brain shuts out the information so one can just do what one has to…. developing sensory acuity is, nowadays, being called Requisite Agility….. anyhow, enough of this stuff….. thanks for sharing the experience there’s a short story on there somewhere, may be..

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  2. safe travels!! i love riding a train (the L in Chicago is all I’ve ridden but its like a subway and a train kinda) its so much fun and kinda relaxing! how far are you going?

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  3. I can say things have change since COVID for a lot of places, i think it allowed people to rethink and not be as busy as they used to be. I can understand the energy that used to be home, just doesnt feel the same now.

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  4. I can totally relate to what you’re seeing…every city has a vibe of its own…and I am sure most of the cities have a toned down vibe right now….but more importantly, Where are you off to? Oh and am totally digging the nail colour πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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    • Thank youuuu so much!!! Yes, it has affected a lot of places, some more than the other!!! I am in Karnataka! πŸ™‚ it is going to end soon and I am already dreading it haha! Oh yaaa I loved the nail color toooo, gonna get mint green next haha πŸ™‚

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  5. Yep, lots of change everywhere, due to the pandemic. I see it here all the time too, and when I went home to Los Angeles. Different and the same. A paradox, and not. Anyway, safe travels, Pooja! ❀️

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