Are you superstitious?


Some months ago we were playing a question game with our friends. This game was really something we invented ourself and it goes like one person will ask a very intriguing question and everyone on table has to answer it. Brilliant way to have a conversation and also to bond, must say. We really had a ball playing it, it is definitely documented as a happy evening in the shelf of my memories (you can imagine a setting from the movie inside out). It was one of those evenings I will keep reflecting on in years to come. I am getting really nostalgic about a memory that’s not even that old and the post is definitely not about that. Writing is a mystery, you never ever know what you’ll end up feeling once you start typing. I want to talk about something very specific but my mind wants to be all nostalgic and stir the beautiful memories. Should I give in and change course? Should I not because I will be a puddle of mush otherwise?

Sticking to the topic! So, one of the questions that was asked was “are you superstitious? And name two superstitions or belifes you have”. My superstitious side, mostly hidden from world, had to come out and face the limelight that day. I mean, I am not that superstitious but I have some. I always felt that it is ONLY ME who stupidly believes some of them but my, oh my, others do too! I felt so much at ease after that, so I decided that why not let it be out in the open and maybe help others know that no matter what you believe in, no matter how crazy it is, this world is so big that you’ll find someone who matches your crazy! The two superstitions I mentioned, one of which was literally narrated to me by my partner in my ears because he bears the brunt of it, were I don’t speak about anything planned or upcoming until it is actually happening or is done because I fear I will jinx it and the second one was making a wish whenever clock strikes 11:11. I mean I definitely have some more silly beliefs but these were the ones I shared that evening. What I was pleasantly surprised with was how things getting jinxed was so common and everyone agreed to it. Why I was surprised was thanks to my lovely partner who shares things way before they happen and it took forever for him to understand and adjust to why I feel this way. Really happy he understands it now, it is somehow really important to me. I don’t think the harmless superstitions like these do anyone any harm? If we believe them then that’s really okay. Following them won’t harm no one. Problematic are those superstitions which cause someone else or us any harm. It is really a sticky topic, to get someone to shift from their beliefs or superstitions! I don’t really want to get into those negative practices or thoughts as this is more about the silly superstitions like the cat crossing the road one! The funniest one I have heard is about how sprinkling cow piss is auspicious! It baffled and amused me when I first heard it. One that I am sometimes forced to follow is of not having meat on certain days of weeks, thanks for that one mom! It really all zeros down to if we are God fearing people or God Loving people. Obviously, it is best to be a mix of two but humans thrive on extremes. As long as that’s going on, the superstitions and beliefs aren’t going anywhere!

I am really intrigued to know what superstitions or beliefs do you follow? Oh and what is the silly or funniest superstition you have heard?

41 thoughts on “Are you superstitious?

  1. a life time pal of mine and I have for decades had a special ruling we call “you’ve got to’… those makes no sense what so ever but you do it decisions… .. he recently suffered a heart attack but ever the soldier, soldiered on and minimised his distress, he’s ever so cool, you know. Until a hospital porter moving him here to there got him transfered to the specialist heart unit of a different hospital. It saved his life. When asked what prompted the porter to do what he did he said “I dunno sometimes without reason ‘You’ve just got to’… ” Me and my pal will make a toast to this very shortly…
    Jung’s work on synchronicity is but a glimpse into the innate wisdoms we all share and forgotten about… there’s just much more going on than we ever would credit ourselves with… this might be of interest https://the conversation. com/proprioception-our-imperceptible-6th-sense-150775….. sorry, if this is off topic too… my MindDogs roam freely these days ‘they’ve got to’ lol lol

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  2. my big superstition that i always stick to is to knock on wood with your right hand!! to prevent a jinx. and the ladder one because it seems more common sense to me than plain superstition. dont walk under ladders! lol nice question!

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  3. Oh trust me the jinxing things before they actually happen cause you told someone about your plan is very true. Cause the world that we live today and the people we are surrounded by are so unpredictable. Even if we dont they will and it’s kind of human nature. You see something good you want it, but not everyone thinks positively and is happy in your happiness.Imo living low key is the best way to go.✌️😌

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  4. I follow that Jinx thing too. You’re not the only one. Lol that cow piss thing is nuts indeed. My mother follows the practice of being strictly vegetarian on certain days too – a practice that I have not adopted πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒ

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  5. Omg!! Even I don’t like talking too much about a good thing going for fear of jinxing it and I don’t allow my husband also to keep gloating about things much to his displeasure πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  6. Hmmmm. I don’t really follow many of these types of concepts (jinx), yet, will say that these types of ideas are everywhere, as you so poignantly write about, Pooja. I do, however, believe that what we think about, and put our energy into, does end up manifesting in our lives, sooooo, if we spend our time thinking about things being problematic….then we will probably “jinx” ourselves and see more problematic things, if that makes sense. Wow, I had more to write about this topic than I thought. How fun!!😊

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    • Haha I am so glad you had fun writing about it! I agree 110%. It could just be me thinking that if I celebrate prematurely, it might not happen and manifesting the same onto universe but well being lowkey is not that bad so guess no harm done! Thank you πŸ™‚

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  7. Very interesting post. And relevant as I do believe many including me are ruled by some superstition or the other! As long as it doesn’t become neurotic I guess it’s okay. I too don’t like to fore announce any plans especially exciting ones till they actually happen haha. And yes I “touchwood” nineteen to the dozenπŸ˜πŸ™ƒ

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  8. I don’t speak about anything planned or upcoming until it is actually happening or is done because I fear I will jinx it – So True !!!

    We do that so that we avoid any negative effect on it πŸ™‚

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  9. Interesting! I try not to walk below a ladder and never tap my finger on table odd number of times, and don’t pick flower or fruit from a plant after dark πŸ™‚

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