Ode to sunsets!


Mix of hues, beautiful and soothing,
Talk to me of love, talk to me of me,
Love paints the sky anew each evening,
Curiosity hits and mixes with desire to flee.

Is it real or is it all a dream?
The glory, the beauty and the calm,
Heart is full yet mind is blank it seems,
Oh sunset, perhaps that’s your charm.

They ask, tell me what’s love,
Unknown to the wonders the clouds unfold,
I know what it is, answer fits like glove,
It envelopes the sky each evening, loud and bold.

Butterflies in the stomach, happiness in the air,
Isn’t that how you felt when we first met?
Breathing in tranquility, free of all care,
What else is love, if not sunset?

36 thoughts on “Ode to sunsets!

  1. OMG…. I’m speechless… beautifully captured and ever so gently released… 68 is going take some topping… but I suspect I’ll be surprised, again…. phoar… I even stopped watching the footy lol lol… gobsmacked

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      • psst…. I have found that by sharing the sentiments of your Ode to Sunsets with a dear friend of mine to find that we have butterflies going on too… always when youleast expect it, eh? So deeply in your debt now… and happy

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  2. Well, Pooja, like everyone else, I am thrilled to find this wonderfully crafted and delivered poem in my reader today. It is absolutely beautiful, my friend. The words dance along the page and right into our hearts. ❀️

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