Time to let go!


I forgive people very quickly. Like may be even in a snap. Cant be angry for too long. Mainly because I am also on the other side and I know how it feels when you are apologetic but the same is not accepted. I trigger the anger in others too and so I realize that no person will harm the other person on purpose.. But my point here ain’t that. Forgiving is one thing and forgetting, other. I forgive but don’t forget. This does not mean I am some snotty psychotic person who remembers it for a revenge or something. Uhh, no. I don’t even remind anyone or bring it up unless pushed to brink. I just can’t forget. Its there, buried deep in my heart! It shows it’s ugly head when there is something repetitive. It brings up all lost memories (not lost in my case), I feel the hurt all over again! I am perfectly normal with that person, love them just as I did before. No grudges at all. And having these instances stuck in my heart makes me feel like I am betraying them. When I have no hard feelings, why are these ghosts hovering around in my heart?! I have always believed that losing an argument is far better than losing a person, then why the hell does that argument stay with me?! Why do I hold on to it? Is it just me or it happens with everyone?? Most of the time these instances help me in self introspection as to where and what went wrong…and I end up finding my faults! I mean if I was lied to then that’s because I wasnt worthy of the truth! But there is only so much a heart can take! I feel like it’s about time I clear my heart of all past ghosts! I feel like it from time to time. Its need to let go! Let go of things that happened, relations which were not meant to be, people who dont want me, thoughts that do nothing but hurt!!

Only thing is, I don’t know how do I do that!

35 thoughts on “Time to let go!

  1. “Only thing is, I don’t know how do I do that!”. The last line says it all. And I think it’s a universal feeling among people who care. Because there are people who don’t care and have no intention of caring. Do we really truly forgive if we cannot forget? Because if we really truly could forgive then we would forget and all those things that brought up The reasons that we would need to forgive and forget we would not let those things bring up all those memories again.

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    • I agree, caring comes with its repercussions! It’s a dead end if we care about ppl who don’t really care. I think we can forgive but not forget. Because forgiving means understanding why someone did what they did and being okay with it…forgetting also needs additional step of being sure of what we deserve. For me, I mostly do not forget because I blame myself even when it should not be case


  2. you’re doing it… the very first thing I wrote was this… I’m no writer either but… here you go…

    love did spread like star dust from above and a shower did fall this way,
    a story of love untold,
    of bonds to be kept,
    of earnest promises to be met,
    nothing else above,
    everything else to be,
    so plain,
    so plain to see,
    fly high,
    hit the floor,
    smash through the wall,
    break through the door,
    for this pledge in me is my pledge in you,
    so simple,
    simple as can be,
    this love for you,
    begins with me,
    take me to that place,
    so deep inside,
    where I can know nothing,
    within your womb,
    and show me your love,
    your you is me.

    *you know what to do, trust yourself…. *

    *ps… no cigs for me *

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    • Wow. This is really beautiful. You should explore this more and shape these words, they are excellent ❤ this love for you, begins with me. Lovely lines.

      PS: so happpppy to know we are both still on the road to meeting our targets!!

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  3. The Zen Buddhists would advise against grudges by proclaiming a “still quiet” space in our center. If we can find that center, we can live once again. And in the process of living, we achieve our best revenge. Our smiles at the next day after a transgression against us are worth all the gold coins in the world because the affirm that our individual dignity can’t be besmirched, can’t be denied. We are worth something, the smile says. I am not going to bend.

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    • How lovely. I completely agree. Everyday I do not act on those false memories is a win, everyday I continue to be kind is a win. Lovely. I just want these memories to go away so that the process to be kind is not that hard.


  4. Forgiving is harder than forgetting. I’m not so quick when it comes to forgiveness. Forgetting is hard too. You’ve raised a great point – sometimes the arguments do come back to our mind long after we have forgiven them. The only thing to do is to push them aside and trust the person. But if they keep exploiting our forgiveness, then it becomes very hard.

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  5. Same here, I can’t stay mad at someone for so long… forget long, if someone starts speaking nicely and sweetly to me a hour after they hurt me, I will forgive them, they don’t even need to say sorry , but the thing is, now I will never forget what happened!!!,
    And my brain will keep popping those memories randomly here and there…

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    • Exactly. I don’t have it in me to stay mad at someone for long. I have forgiven people even when efforts were not too much from their end. But forgetting, my anxiety does not let me. Khair, maybe we will learn soon!


    • Thank you so much, I am happy you liked it. I have literally poured my heart out. I have been struggling with forgetting thingsfor too long now and I want to let go. I am going to try meditation. Forgiving comes very easily to me.

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