Lemon to lemonade!


We keep hearing turn “lemons to lemonade” and to be honest, it is not always possible. However, we just did something similar recently and not with the intention of changing lemons to lemonade but it has categorically fit that proverb!

When do you feel most free? For me, it’s the swing. Since childhood that has been my chosen spot. I used to go to parks just for a swing and hated it when they were full. Parents got me a swing at home too and when I grew up, I got myself a proper swing. Even then, I did not have much time to spend on it. 2020 and lockdown have been bearable for the huge part thanks to that swing! My swing and I have seen innumerable sunsets together. I have mulled over so many life decisions on it, it makes me feel at peace. However, I was missing all this in the lockdown 2.0. We could not go out to places which have swing and I did not have the swing at new home. Sunsets also did not happen on the side we have the gallery. It always irked me. I still feel something is missing because I miss my sunsets. I did try and wake up early in morning on some days to catch the sunrise instead and that also gave me peace and sense of belonging. But I have to admit I am not a morning person. Then came my plant babies who kept me going. Every new leaf is a reason to be happy. Finally, this weekend we added one more thing which makes me feel right at home, THE SWING. Yay! Super duper happy and so thankful to my forever plus one for making this happen!!! What you see in the feature image is me on a swing drinking lemonade. Yeah, I was feeling inspired that we are trying to beat this lockdown by finding our own happiness much like turning lemon to lemonade!!

Swing is my happy place, it gives me wings. This is my lemon to lemonade story, do you have one? What is your happy place?

48 thoughts on “Lemon to lemonade!

  1. I’m glad that you’ve got the swing to beat your lockdown blues. I’m glad that your plants are coming along nicely. Sunrises and sunsets are beautiful indeed! I love them too but I rarely remember or get the time to admire their beauty.
    You look so happy in that swing. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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  2. Being with “her” is one of my happy places. I have many places that can be my happy place. It can be just walking around my property. Or among the trees of a local forest. Or sitting on a park bench watching the boats go by. Or it can be just standing on the corner in San Francisco watching the people as they pass by. What’s not just the place as much as it is my attitude. But I can agree with gibberish that my bed can also be a happy place especially when “she” is next to me.

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  3. Wow! My happy place is also a swing- my backyard swing. I like to sit in it and watch the sunrise in the morning and the sunset in the evening when the weather cools off. My swing sits near a Bradford Pear Tree where we’ve hung my windchimes and I love to relax and hear them chime in the breeze. So peaceful sounding!

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