Let us celebrate our quirks!


From the time I remember, I have always tried to be myself. I am a weird person. I feel too strongly, I have strong opinions, I love lame things and I cry when I am angry. I do know at one point in my life I was unsure if I am “cool” enough. Everyone reading would relate to that part I suppose. I would study hard and was a sincere nerd. Not like I did not know how to have fun, I just liked to study too. I mean, they can coexist but of course I was classified as a nerd and put into that bracket. Who knew that nerd will grow up to have so many fun stories that she can share and that she is someone people now bracket as “an extrovert who gels along with everyone”. While everyone continues to bracket me, I can guarantee I am still the same as I was for the most part with just some changes which we can attribute to maturity. So, why don’t we all celebrate our quirks? The things which force people to bracket us or their lack? While I love me some validation, I am also happy about the way I am. Yes, I need some improvements in some areas and that is an ongoing and perpetual process which I mull over whenever I am anxious. For now, I want to just be okay the way I am so I am going to list down my quirks for them to be out in the universe as a small celebration!

I can be alone – I love dancing, eating at new places, traveling and trying out new food and if there is no one available for company, I can do these things on my own. I would share the experiences with the people I love and ofcourse I’d be happier in company but I am okay if there is none. Being an only child and also having friends who love to say no, I decided to explore things on my own. It made me realize that I really don’t mind doing these things alone. It scared me crazy when I was trying these for the first time alone but I am grateful for it now.

I am organized but in a disorganized way – I like to know where things are. I also like for set of similar things to have one place but I don’t necessarily put things back immediately. I mean I have an assigned place for stationary at home but you might find stapler, pen or paper lying around which I will put in their place sometime later. So, things might be lying around but they do have a permanent home in my house

I cannot celebrate or talk about things until they happen – So, I tend to believe this can be really common but I hate to even mention something nice that I know is going to happen related to me. I fear jinxing it. This fear is based on happenings of true live events so I have just made it something I now follow naturally. I feel really down not being able to share the excitement but it is okay if the opposite means the thing might not even happen!

I collect keychains but never use them – I have so many keychains. Boxes, yes multiple, filled with them. I love collecting them. If you find a unique keychain and simply tell me about it, you are my friend from that moment. The funny thing is, I do not use them! I have no idea why. My mom asks me to give her some keychain for the many keys they have and I say no. If she insists a lot, I give her my least favourite keychain. I realize how this makes me look and that is not good πŸ˜€

I hate watching trailers – I like to watch movies without knowing their plot. Watching trailers just does not make sense to me! I know why they are made and they do really serve the purpose most of the time but I guess it is okay if I wish to watch something and be surprised or even shocked. This has not worked well in some cases for me but I will still take my chances than watch the trailer and know or guess the entire story!

I don’t like when someone is displeased with me – I would hate it if I know someone is upset because of something I did and I cannot make it up to them. It is a matter of real anxiety for me. I am not implying to be a people pleaser (quite the opposite, honestly). I just don’t like if any of my actions have hurt someone and I am unable to fix it. I would really want to be okay, specially when I have done whatever is possible but truth is that I’d lose sleep over it.

I hate shopping – I want to own things but I don’t to shop them. Nothing better than someone else choosing my stuff for me. Shopping literally gives me headache, yes we exist. Not to mention how I like the most weird and impractical things πŸ˜€

I am loud and talkative – I am a chatter box and I am very expressive. I might have friends I can count on fingers, I can talk to anyone about anything. I am mistaken as someone who has so many friends because of this reason but that is not the reality. Just because I can talk easily, does not mean I make friends that easily.

So that’s all from my end, while there are so many small things which still distinguish each of us, I think I have exposed myself enough for today. Hope this conveys what it is meant to convey, quirky is fun, quirky is okay. Do tell me what quirks you have so that I can celebrate you as well πŸ™‚

43 thoughts on “Let us celebrate our quirks!

  1. You’re not weird. Or maybe I’m weird because I understand everything you just posted.

    You’re a woman. You’re actually a beautiful mystery.

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  2. This is so relatable, Pooja. You’re not alone. I’m a nerd who falls into the bracket of extrovert who gets along with everyone. I love my me time, I hate spoiler trailers, I am not a big fan of shopping these days, I am lost and talkative and I also don’t do certain things for fear of juncingy them. We’re all weird but that makes us special in our own way β€οΈπŸ€—

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  3. I think those quirks you mention are normal and pretty cool! We all have our traits, and should love them.

    I hate when the protagonist dies, I have watched whole webseries episodes and then stopped at the last few, or read book sequels till before the last and then stopped, when I get a feel that the leading character would die. Is that a quirk πŸ˜€? I don’t know…

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    • Yes indeed, they are normal and they are weird. Don’t know but they make me, me so I do love them.

      Hahaha, I am not sure if you have seen FRIENDS? But I was scared to see the last episode because I’d be hurt if Ross and Rachel didn’t end up together so I postponed it as much as I could until someone told me to trust and watch so I totally get you. It is a quirk and a good one at that!!


  4. I can totally relate! On every point you made…except maybe loud and talkative. I can be, if the topic is one I’m concerned about, or maybe I’ve had a little too much to drink.
    I remember once, at a bar/restaurant I worked at, a fellow server came over and told me to tone it down a little (I was off work). For the most part, I am quiet though…

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    • I am elated to have people relate and validate these silly quirks I have. About being loud, I can understand how it can bother some people but really it’s okay sometimes. Being loud is natural when you are with friends or having a bit of fun, as long as we don’t bother people it’s all good!

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  5. very funny.

    my favourite quirk is that when I am stressed out, especially when, say, shopping and going from shop to shop, I have this propensity to turn left even if its the wrong way… drives others nuts…. πŸ˜΅πŸ˜„

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  6. I can relate to most of these points, except the shopping bit…for me shopping or even window shopping is therapeutic if my mood is screwed up…and being a single child, I have no issues doing things all by myself…earlier I used to feel wierd if I had to have lunch in the office canteen by myself..these days I make excuses and go late so that I can enjoy my meal in peace…guess it’s not wierd if we accept our quirks 😊😊

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  7. Beautifully written! I love this piece because much of it is relatable. I also don’t mind being alone- it recharges me. I’m weird in that I like to peel the labels off soda bottles. Ive been doing that since I was a kid and have been told I was weird for doing it. Lol

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