Can you explain love?


I have spent an entire evening trying to please my partner’s parents, so naturally I was thinking about what love is and if it can be explained at all? I just made myself some hot coffee (YEP!!) to have while I snuggle on my couch and what better time to sit and mull over love than now? So love huh? The more I think about it, the more I just come to one simple conclusion. Love for me is to see other person happy. You want to see them soar and it is a bonus when the reason is you. It’s a beautiful feeling. It’s like how you feel when you eat pizza aka a really satisfying feeling. It’s not all rosy but if you close your eyes reminiscing and you are enveloped in beautiful blanket of memories with them, it’s all worth it I guess? Not every love in our life is fulfilling and successful but all of them have made us happy at some point and that is what should and would stay with us years down the line. Best moments of the stories you were a part of and all the people who came into your story. I am a mix of practical and emotional person but one thing I feel strongly is that people come into your life for a reason. We are all living to create memories and stories that will stay on long after we are gone. In my last moments, I’d like to part seeing what I will leave behind. A short, funny and full of love clip filled with memories flashing in front of eyes. The last thing I see and probably the best one. W

What’s love for you?

44 thoughts on “Can you explain love?

  1. This post was really great! I am too young and too immature to tackle love. Even in just 18 years I have had people in my life who just made me feel all the way wrong about love. But as I am growing, I can see love is not just the “romantic” one. Love is everywhere. We can find love wherever we want to find love. And your post inspired me so much! Thank you friend!😊

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  2. I agree with your version of love so much….
    For me love is a mixture of constant efforts for each other+ lots of appreciation +lots of respect+ being there for each other even if the world turn against, the feeling of we will be there for each other.❀❀❀
    Ps- any luck with coffee yet???

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    • Absolutely, amen sister! Efforts, respect and support! You said it. I made a steaming hot cup of coffee for myself at home and guess whaaaat, I liked it! I am going to have more. Someone has told me to try an ice mocha so i guess next week m gonna do that! Excaaaitedd! πŸ™‚ thank you for checking in!!

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  3. something inside so deep that we all recognise in each other… all or perish now makes sense to me too…. wow, eh!

    btw 12 days have passed since I joined here you’re at 60/100 and I’m at 24/forever…. I celebrate your 60th which has helped me do 24…. thank yooooooo…

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    • Love all or perish has a story behind it, hopefully I will tell about it soon! True though, love is what we recognize in the other person. Whoaaa, 12 days already! How has it been lately? Is it getting easier? You are completing 25 tomorrow, that makes me really really happy. More and more power to you, see how strong you are? Applaud yourself!!!

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  4. Love is the simplest and yet the complicated. Sometimes it makes you selfless while other times it makes you selfish…sometimes it’s about their happiness while other times it’s about my happiness with them…you have to work on it, understand each other, sort out what you can’t understand. it’s always a work in progress….

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  5. Love is beyond the humanistic definition of mere words, perverted by misunderstood emotions and yet so present one can almost anecdotally feel it tangibly as well as its distinction over everything else we ever encounter during our lifetime. That’s why we need an entire universe to share in its presence.

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  6. Such a thoughtful and sweet post. Love is about doing everything in your power to make your loved ones happy. People come into your life for all kind of reasons. But some don’t stay too long either. Love comes in all kinds – it’s not just romantic. Beautifully written, Pooja

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  7. Love has infinite definitions. For it is a personal feeling. Is it something we should explain? It is there because it has to be there. For without it, there will be no balance in life.

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  8. Yes that’s indeed awesome lol. It’s like you know how people feel about love but you still never know what to expect with their own personal stories when they start to explain it because love strikes everyone different πŸ‘πŸ˜‚

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  9. Love when you wait for it is wonderful. When you are in a couple it becomes hell. Then you end up feeling better without love. My puppy dog ​​is my love.


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