Before sunrise!


It is most likely that I will be sleeping sad tonight, tears and all. It is something too inconsequential, what I am crying about but does that matter at this point? No. In retrospect it might. Funny thing is that since I was a kid, I only believed or badly wanted one thing. Not sleeping upset or angry. Whatever has happened should be resolved before you sleep. End should be good. If something made me sad, I’d do something I knew would cheer me. If someone fought with me, I tried to fix it, if it was in my hands. I don’t remember what or why I thought so but I felt we must sleep with a good, non anxious and even happy mind. Atleast for things in our control. Who knows what tomorrow holds, day is over and it will be a new start the next day so why not end the day on a good note. I hated sleeping angry with my parents, it made me anxious. As I grew, my happy circle then included my friends. Now, I have lost that belief or I have just stopped trying to fix things. Adulting is complicated and too many things happen which are upsetting. Your circle broadens and so do your problems. I mean so does love but as I said even if I know that, right now it does not matter.

I wish to get back that belief, to sleep happy at night and forgive whatever shit happens. Because well, shit happens. No one will care about my belief more than me, so I need to take charge. I hope I do, as of now it seems too hard.

23 thoughts on “Before sunrise!

  1. Hey!! I too am just like you. I always try to resolve things before I go to bed so that I sleep happy. I am so sad to hear that you are upset tonight. Do not worry my friend! Everything will be alright! I will pray for you tonight😊.

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  2. As we grow older, we find that some things don’t have a quick fix. They can’t be resolved soon or just for the sake of resolving things before going to bed. It seems like you’ve had a bad day. Hang in there. This shall pass, too.

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  3. It’s a good attitude to have. There is a saying I’ve heard but I don’t know who said it or where it came from. The saying is… I didn’t tell you it would be easy, I told you it would be worth it. So yes being an adult is not always easy but it will be worth it. Continue to resolve the problems that you can so you can have restful sleep. Those you can’t resolve will just have to go on their own way. There are quick fixes and there are lasting fixes.

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    • Thank you for your kind words. Agreed. I want to get back to trying to resolve issues. Hopefully I will. I agree with the saying, it is worthwhile to be an adult. Just wish to come across more quick fixss and less lasting fixes 🙂


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