They are never happy!


Have you met that one person who is never happy? No matter what is happening or how beautiful something is, they will have a problem. It’s like they will see the rainbow and say, “aye, it’s not even clearly visible or it’s not even full”. Who complains about the rainbow right? But there are people who will, especially when it is you who spotted the rainbow and not them. Oh, when they spot it, it must be the prettiest thing in the world. It’s just sad how they live. It’s sadder when we put in efforts for such people and all they do is point out issues. It is frustrating to be around such people, to say the least. Sometimes I wonder how their existence must be so exhausting. The constant complaining, comparing and nagging must really tire their brain. I can understand that such people either behave this way because they are insecure or just pure mean. But it’s hard to empathize with someone who does not empathize with anyone else. They feel happy sucking happiness out of others. They feel happy dragging others down. I usually just feel sorry for such people but I have to be honest it makes me downright angry sometimes. The blatant taunts, saying mean things as jokes, complaining and just all things that make them appear as a bully. I already know we must ignore such people, we don’t need them or their energy around us but have you ever thought of going up against them? Because they will hurt others if someone does not set the facts straight. I have always only seen people have the opinion of staying clear of such people or ignoring them but really I think we need to just tell them how their ways are so wrong. It does not have to be anything rude, just simple confrontation and letting them know the after effects of their behavior.

So, what would be your choice in dealing with such people? Looking forward to reading your opinions because nothing else can give me a better perspective πŸ™‚

51 thoughts on “They are never happy!

  1. There is a saying where I’m from, it goes something like ….. kill them with kindness, no matter how bad they treat you or others if you remain nice and kind to them they will either see the error of their ways of end up leaving you alone. That being said we also have another saying here too, it goes like this ….. you just have to treat them the way they treat you.πŸ’ͺβœŠπŸ™πŸ’—

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  2. Yeah such people are totally frustrating. I too have met such people. The best way, according to me, is to ignore them. But how long can you keep ignoring things that constantly hurt you, right? So I think you should speak up. You should tell them that the way they behave around you does not make you happy! You literally do not need to think if saying that would make them feel that you are rude cause they weren’t thinking enough while behaving like a shit with you.
    For all the 18 years of my life, I have learned one big lesson, “Gone are those days when evil could be removed with kindness. It’s the century where you just need to speak up for yourself cause nobody else will do that for you!”

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    • Ahh, you really think like I do. I am also just done. I mean kindness has it’s limits. But also, who knows whether the argument is worth it!!! Or whether it would make any sense to even bring it up with them. We should also remember that our voice is precious and not waste it on futile people. That’s what is making me feel ignoring is just best.

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      • Yeah that is true to think if the argument would actually worth it but even if it does not yet if you speak up then they would atleast know that you won’t tolerate such behavior and would make them think twice before talking shit to you again!

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  3. I try to avoid being with them, see i am lot like enjoying small moments person, I like to go with the flow if fun is involved and these people are around you to such your energy and happy thoughts….
    So I tend to avoid being around them….

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  4. Negative energy is very infectious! In my thought it would be good to avoid rather than confront, in hindsight it might feel like you banged your head on a wall. But depending on how we know that person we might not be able to ignore always, then it is better to take little breaks of “good me times” to balance the negative vibes with positive energy 😊

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    • Ahh. Wow. This is the perfect soultion. I do have a feeling of head banging on wall even thinking about them so it is only true that might happen. I will take up on the off time solution as I think that might be exactly what I need.


  5. It takes all sorts to make this world πŸ˜…

    A person who wants to be happy, no one can make him unhappy. A person who wants to be unhappy, nobody can make him happy πŸ˜ƒ

    I have dealt with this topic in my book: 4 Pillars of Abundant Life.
    You can’t and should not confront them. You can be a role model for them! We can’t change anyone. They change only when they want to!! Yes, we should keep our distance from negative people. Our environment affects us the most!!

    Stay happy. Stay loved πŸ₯°

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  6. You can’t change people. People have to change themselves. They want to be the Debbie Downers of Life then so be it. Don’t let them drag you down, just be yourself and maybe you can pull them up a bit.

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  7. My strategy has been to ignore or pretend I did not hear their negative comments. I respond-acknowledge positive and/or neutral/factual remarks. At the very least, it does not take long for them to learn that negativity gains nothing from me for them.

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