Breakups are hard!


I almost skipped my post today and that makes me super sad. However, I am writing now so guess that’s something. Today has been so hectic, my work has been super crazy this week. It’s almost like the more I give, the more this job demands. There is no gratitude but just ask for more and more. Sometimes I hate it. I love being busy and working, I really don’t mind but one must draw the line when you know someone else is taking undue advantage.

Anyway, so today I spoke to a friend and that got me wondering about breakups. They are so hard, especially the ones that are like the end of a good relationship. The individuals involved suffer the most, when the relationship is long and you suddenly have to live without them it’s so damn difficult. Also, when a relationship is being developed, it is not just the individuals falling in love but the mingling of friends and family too. So the breakups are so much more complicated because even though individuals are separated, the love between friends and families does not evaporate. Issues between the couple can sometimes affect other relations. Amicable breakups might not result in ruining friendships and relations between families, if any. However, the rough breakups lead to severe fights, picking sides and a lot of pain on both sides. I believe that love never ends, once you love a person then you cannot stop loving them. It’s not how love works. Yes, the love between them might change it’s dynamics but love never really ends. I am not talking about toxic relationships here, that is not love at all. I am talking about pure love, that essentially never ends. This change of dynamic in love between two people is not limited to them, the friends and relations that we develop during the time are also hit. Some beautiful relations can suffer because the love between two people changed. By no way should one stay in a relationship if they don’t feel the way one is supposed to, I just wish it did not lead to such huge collateral damage.

12 thoughts on “Breakups are hard!

  1. Imagine if one planet broke away from the solar system. How detrimental that would be. Now each person is a world of their own. It kind of makes sense.

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  2. If there are a lot of mutual friends, breakups can affect those bonds too. Any event that requires both of them to be present can be awkward. If family is involved, it’s difficult too. But these do not apply to toxic relationships at all. Great post, Pooja. Do keep writing. Don’t lose your streak!

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    • Truely, I have seen it happen and it’s so difficult for the couple already. Everything around them is a fresh reminder and yet mutual friends is something that makes the whole thing sadder.

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