Some old school fun!


I have found a good way to get my partner to churn his thinking wheels. I ask him to pen down for this blog occasionally. He is a complete introvert in one sense and does not believe in speaking, no kidding. A short write up by him on something we both feel very strongly.

Getting up at 6am in the morning to play cricket or maybe a small trek on the nearby hill – That’s how a typical holiday would start for me during my school days.

But as time flew by and as we were introduced to newer technology our lives started to be confined within that mobile screen or a TV screen with play station games on it. I can’t even recall when and how I started enjoying phones and games more than physical activity. There was a time I would be at home only for my meals and sleep and just play the rest of the time and it was an unparalleled feeling. No technology till date has been able to give me that kind of a feeling which you would get when you play a match winning knock (some I still remember and probably won’t ever forget) or score a crucial goal.

I still find myself lucky that I got a chance to feel that way first hand, but kids today, all they love is games on their “personal” phones or gaming consoles. Though fun, it does not add much value to you in anyway. But I guess this is going to be the trend going forward. Keeping it short for today but do let me know what your childhood holidays were like and whether you prefer technology or old school fun..

26 thoughts on “Some old school fun!

  1. A great post!! I really love what you’ve written here…technology has its benefits but I totally agree with you, old school is the best school!!! Well done, my friend 🤗🤗

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  2. Old school has its benefits. I grew up in a time when smart phones didn’t exist. Mobiles were strictly limited to adults and they were the basic models. This was the time when even incoming calls were charged! 😂
    I used to spend most of time with my books (not just the academic ones, the fictional ones) and apart from my cousin’s home, my favourite place to visit was the library 😂

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    • Omgggg! What a world without phones! Now people go to retreats where their phones are taken away to “detox”. Oh, reading is my first love but I have not read in so many months. Tell me a good book that can hook me back 🙂


  3. loving 54/100

    old school all the way…

    we played two games and often at the same time.

    The first called ‘beddy’ involving two rival streets, ‘the square’ and the other ‘the quarry’… each overloaded with kids. I was with ‘the square’ and there were 60 of us (big families back then). Our sworn lol enemies were lesser in number but generally older by a few years. Each party built a ‘den’ and you had to capture the other side and keep them in the ‘den’. You could free your mates by evading capture but getting into the others ‘den’ shouting BEDDY and running for your life as the other side tried to recapture you side. It went on for ever with camp fires at night and biscuits (which we stole from a nearby factory) to keep you going. When morale fell, as it often did because the game wouldn’t end and we’d been too bold robbing thé biscuit factory or had to replace the fencing and garden gates taken to build the ‘den’ we’d pause and play ‘kick out’ ball. Essentially the same game with the ball replacing the role of the ‘den’. And you couldn’t physically grab anyone but had to hit them with the ball which meant it was a day time game only but equally gripping. We’d revert back to playing ‘beddy’ when there’d been a successful raid on the factory and the ‘dens’ restored to their glory, and with flags too. It did last for weeks on end. Brilliant Post and great reading too. Thanks.

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  4. Some of the happiest moments in my life have been on the field..few things can compare to the happiness of taking a wicket or scoring a basket.. imho playing games on a smartphone can never even come close

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  5. धप्पाकुटी आठवतोय..लगोरी, जिबली… सगळे बालपणीचे मैदानी खेळ. तेंव्हा प्रत्येकाच्या घरात टीव्ही नव्हता पण कम्युनिकेशन होतं.

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