When reality blurs!


Shall we talk about lies? Or would it be too offensive? This is not about those white lies or lies we tell others, that’s bad too. But about the lies we tell ourselves. There are so many reasons behind this, so many layers to this. Sometimes we lie to ourselves unconsciously to boost our self esteem and some lies are just said to avoid facing the harsh realities.

It becomes a problem when the lies lead to self deception. We try to soothe ourselves by saying what we want to hear from others and pretend that everything is okay. I wish behaving like everything is okay actually made it okay. In reality, it just accumulates the pile of lies and bursts in form of depression or mental breakdown. A lot of people lie to themselves and think of it as manifestation. They are really poles apart. Manifestation is believing in something and making it happen and self deception is a lie. I, personally, have lied to myself as a coping mechanism. Sometimes things become so hard, it seems difficult to survive. It feels like we will not make it and the only way through it is to lie to ourselves and survive. Today, I got thinking that when do these lines blur? Lies become our reality. When does this lie become a life we are living. Lie is sometimes so natural that you won’t realize the lie until you are doing self introspection. My bubble for a couple of things popped out today when I sat with my thoughts. I am yet to come to terms with how I completely feel about it but it sure is not very pleasant 😦

22 thoughts on “When reality blurs!

  1. “I am yet to come to terms with how I completely feel about it but it sure is not very pleasant.”

    Growth is rarely pleasant in the short term. It’s the long term where you see the payoff. Let’s face it, the alternative is to stagnate in one’s self-delusions also. That leads to nothing but misery, as most of society can demonstrate.

    Just being able to realize that you’ve been lying to yourself as a coping mechanism is a huge step in personal growth. The next big hurdle is getting past the expectation of instant change and acquiring patience while still moving forward. Keep it up. I foresee great things if you do. 🙂

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    • Amen! Growth is really difficult but the payoff is sweet. I do think that in some aspects those lie when corrected will change a lot of dynamics in my personal life. However, I agree that realizing something is a big first step. I really lack patience so let’s hope I am able to achieve that. Thank you so much for being this insightful and explaining so nicely.

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  2. Lying is like building a bubble that’s just waiting for a sharp edge to pop. We’ll always have to face the truth some day or the other. So why do we lie ? Because it’s easier or many less hurtful that way. A very thought-provoking post.

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  3. Interesting 🤨

    All of us talk to ourselves all the time!! And we do lie to ourselves often. Sadly over a period of time we start to believe those lies about ourselves ☺️

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      • Ahh..you’re way too kind to say that..but truth is we all have our baggages, our issues, worries…most often we are able to repress them with fake assurances but sometimes they do come to the surface.

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      • Yes ofcourse, everyone is battling a war within themselves. If those assurances help us survive, it is not all bad. It becomes bad when we start living thd assurances as our life.

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