Words are missing


There are days that thoughts won’t leave my head and then there is today where I am sitting here with a blank head. Words refuse to come. Thoughts which are usually like a volcano pouring and taking everything down with it are today hidden like a snail inside a tree hole. I am trying to look for them but no luck. I am almost scared of the calm, for I am so unfamiliar with it. For someone who is used to the chaos, calm can be so confusing. I can pick the thoughts I choose to pen or share but this is me creating thoughts. I guess that’s what getting almost to the halfway of a 100 day challenge does to you? Hah!

I have got to say, it has not been easy. While I have loved how many people I get to speak to here, learn and read so many beautiful posts, comments, it has been a task to post something good and relevant daily. I have a fear of disappointing people. I know it is okay but I don’t ever want this to be a boring or a bad read for anyone. So my dear friends, accept my apologies for today is about to be like random rumblings from me. Who knows, something nice might come out of it. With lockdown, I am yearning to meet people and talk the real talk. As people who have read my posts know, I love conversations. Let’s talk about what inspires you, what do you hate the most, how are you actually doing, what are the demons you are dealing with, what do you want to do in life, how do you define happiness. I am here for the REAL talk, way more than a “what’s up” can cover. This is one of the reasons I love books. The authors pick up real topics and it’s almost like they are talking to us, it’s the best way to broaden the horizon. So tell me, would you like if someone wanted to have these conversations with you or would it be intrusive? Would you prefer that it is someone you barely know or someone who knows you the best? What is your go to topic?

My intrusive question for today is “what is that constant wish you wish or would want to wish at 11:11?”

28 thoughts on “Words are missing

  1. It happens. And never ever think you’re letting me down! I enjoy everything you write whether it’s your thoughts or something creative. And even if your just telling us you ate peanuts and they gave you gas, I enjoy that too. 😁

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  2. I’m 12 days without a cigarette, well almost without any. I am, though using nicotine replacement patches and my dreaming is pure mental… so vivid and real. It’s like being on a series of unplanned night trips to myself, almost my own ‘Christmas Carol’….. and often brutal in their honesty… I wake up with a jolt…. and start another day. 12/??? I guess if one sets targets every now and then it’s the target setting that becomes the focus of attention, looming large in the heart and mind while…. well let’s wait and see what’s next….. one day at a time, eh?

    Great to read your posts, thank you 👏👏👏😊😊😊


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    • Firstly, BRAVO! What you are doing is super hard and so inspiring. I have a friend who has been wanting to quit but just cannot bring himself to do it so I can absolutely understand how mental it must be! Keep this going. Whenever you feel like you want to give up, just remember that I am rooting hard for you. Taking it one day at a time is the best approach, share your process and experience if that helps. I hope to see you back here on this or any other post telling me that you have completed 30 days and then we can think of a bigger goal, if needed 🙂

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  3. I love this post, its so open and authentic. Things i would like to talk about is: finding my happiness, realizing the life I’m subscribing to is for the acknowledgement of others verses myself, looking at my own relationship with my fiancée and having our son, looking at my past life decisions that lead me to my current position.

    I say this because, I’m willing to be true to myself and have the conversations regardless if people judge me. I thank you for your picture and your blog, because sometimes you will draw a blank and i think that’s ok because you are human. We don’t always have the answers nor will we be everything to everyone.

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    • I can understand this more as I have read the struggles you are facing and your zeal to grow in life and make it better for your fiancé and baby is inspiring. I love the point of life being for acknowledgement of others verses ourself. Its so deep. Thank you so much for you kind words. Hope we both find the answers we are looking for 🙂

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  4. I’ve stopped wishing at 11:11…My wishes never got fulfilled so I stopped believing in it! I realized how sad this sounds after writing it. I’ll start wishing again for mental peace, happiness, sound health and attending a BTS concert live!

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    • That is indeed so sad 🥺🥺🥺 i can understand it can be very discouraging if wishes are not fulfilled. But we gotta try. Loveeeee your wishes, BTS one toh should happen sooner than soonest! ❤

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  5. I too love having conversations which are more than a mere what’s up..what I wish for is to find a career path which would validate me..in the sense that I would love to be excited to work and find my purpose in that..

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  6. The idea is to enjoy oneself here with words ideas feelings…If words don’t come on a certain day, which happens on and off with each one of us, that’s also a legit experience worth noting and writing about! The good news is it always passes and
    the words start flowing again..

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    • Yes indeed, writers block is a real thing and we can only grow once we get past it. I am trying to enjoy as I write and the goal is to have a regular blog pattern at the end of it. 🙂

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