True love!


I told my parents to wake me up if sunset is amazing, I don’t want to miss that due to my afternoon nap. My dad called me continuously until I answered as the sky was amazing during sunset. It had drizzled in afternoon so I was expecting the sunset to be this nice. I felt heard and loved that my parents did not ridicule such a weird ask. I told my partner’s dad that we have been searching for a good juicer online but couldn’t find an effective one, he arranged for it and sent me the one I wanted the next evening. It felt like a blanket of warmth and love. The only processed juice I love is Guava and whenever my partner is shopping for groceries, he gets it for me. It feels nice to have someone who remembers what you like. I love sunsets, clouds, moon and all things sky and this small sister of mine makes sure to click and send me when she sees something beautiful or tags me on them if she finds them online so that I can see and feel happy. It really makes my day so much better. I have a weird thing about someone else looking at my pictures without my permission, even if they are close to me. One whole portfolio of pictures of me was sent to my best friend and she messaged me, “listen I have the photos, don’t worry I will see them if and when want me to”. It is heartwarming when someone understands my insecurities without asking for a reason or ridiculing it. One other.

It’s all in the small things. Love is not expensive, grand or difficult. It’s simple gestures of hearing, acknowledging, remembering what people you love care about. I am grateful for amazing people around me who show me love in various ways. It’s not all rosy, ofcourse they miss and make mistakes too but I guess we need to remember the love they showed us during such down times. We are all humans. While we should not settle for anything less than love, we should also not expect moon everytime.

33 thoughts on “True love!

  1. And this is called bragging with a really informative para in the end, not good, but I like that last para, and can’t wait for a time when everybody would understand this,

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  2. My bestie remembers every tiny detail I share with her. She is the most non-judgemental person I know. She makes sure to shower me with love when I’m feeling low. She’ll never give up on the people she loves no matter how difficult it gets. My bestie is you, you are amazing!

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  3. Love is when people notice the little things that are important to you and go out of their way to do that. You’ve got a very valid point. You’ve definitely been blessed with great family and friends. πŸ™‚

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  4. I look forward to it too. When I had just started my blog, I used to write a lot about the things that happened around me. But over the years, I’ve shifted to fiction. Your posts reminded me of that. It’s been a while since I’ve written about my experiences and surroundings. I think, with inspiration from your posts, maybe I could start writing like that once again.

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