Is it destiny or just pure coincidence?


Words come to me best when I am listening to conversations. Conversations open so many doors and reveal such interesting perspectives. If I had to choose what amazes me the most, it is someone thinking of a topic that I am aware of in a completely different light. Gauranteed way to awe me, not that they are trying to. As I have mentioned earlier as well, I enjoy watching interviews or discussions a lot. One such topic that caught my eye when I was watching something recently was “destiny vs coincidence”.

Destiny is something that is set to happen. Most people relate to it in a romantic or cosmic way, suggesting that a higher power in universe is involved in whatever happens in your life. Some have religious beliefs attached which suggest that it is a link to something in your past life. People also use the word fate, mostly to negatively imply about destiny. No matter what one says, it sure is an interesting concept. Coincidence, on the other hand, is happening of certain events which have no apparent connection. It is something that happens by chance as a result of completely random events. People who are more scientifically inclined usually take things to be more of a coincidence. Most people I know, keep shifting between these two, depending on what is beneficial to them and are not stringent believers of one. While there are huge theories like the big bang which are based out of probable cosmic boundaries, since it is not proven there are many who refuse to believe that a single event started this entire existence. It all comes down to what you choose to believe in. Destiny is a vast concept based on theories which cannot be proven as a fact and coincidence is a random event which is the result of the patterns that sure can be studied.

With such bigger concepts on one side, there is also a fun side to this debate which revolves around love. Is love a destiny or a coincidence and why? I tried to get this answer from a lot of people (including the guy I love). The answers are so varied, amazing and fun that I wanted to continue discussing this forever. For me, from the perspective of love, the belief I relate to most is that coincidence makes destiny possible. Love involves both. I have seen so many people in love who parted ways that believing it to be just destiny does not fit well and there are so many people who are in search of that person but have not been lucky. Love involves presence of universe for sure, but as per me, it is not just that. There are random patterns attached to it as well which just click with no apparent explanation and that is coincidence. Most importantly, be it coincidence or destiny, love is a beautiful feeling and one must accept it and give it with all honesty.

My favorite part of the post: sharing the various answers (everyone reading this, please do comment your answer as well so that readers can know so many different perspectives). So, is love destiny or coincidence and why?

– Destiny because there are people who try very hard to find it yet aren’t successful..And then I’ve heard of people finding love in the unlikeliest of places and time

– Destiny because very cliché but as they say matches are made in heaven so some or the other way you will find your love. I think even meeting someone coincidentally is also destined as if it was meant to be.

– Both, because coincidence can also be a part of what’s destined no? Like it may seem coincidence but that’s how ppl were destined to meet. Coincidence is the way destiny came into action. Idk cos to look at it everything can seem coincidence or destiny or both!

– coincidence – if it was destiny then people won’t break up, cheat, leave..

– Destiny. Because I believe after having experienced it that people with whom you are destined to cross paths, will do sooner or later.

– Coincidence. LOL.

– Love is destiny.. even coincidently I can’t be that dumb

Glad to have ended the blog on a funny note. Thank you for reading

13 thoughts on “Is it destiny or just pure coincidence?

  1. I’m not exactly a big believer of coincidence. I think coincidences are pretty 1%. Sometimes it’s best to pay attention.

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  2. I love my country. My destiny is to work with truth and passion for my country and the world.

    After my 12th when I was trying to figure what should I do in order to achieve that? My brother, coincidentally suggested me to become a Journalist.

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