Heart has a mind of it’s own!


Again, a trip down memory lane. The most desirable opportunity at work (an abroad trip) was being contemplated to be cancelled after everything was almost fixed. I was too sad at that time and did what helps me the most, write. I have never penned a poem apart from this from what I remember. I don’t think I am good at poems, but would love some feedback as that is how one can grow. I did end up taking that work trip to singapore for a month, so yay to that.

Desirous, treacherous, vicious heart. Why did you hope or this would never start?

Caged with tall fences around, still you peeped into that beautiful soul. This is preposterous, I want to cry foul.

Now, this heathen heart wants to abandon me for him? Oh but he won’t accept you, for you, my heart, are too dim.

Unbidden and clueless, if this is how you had to fall. Why did I even guard you at all?

You cry and bleed, I feel the pain. Oh yes! How lovely it is to be this insane.

Squirm all you want my heart, in this unpleasant gloom, then you have to get back in the cage before the impending doom.

Don’t flutter or hope without cause, never again on my sleeve you will pause.

Love, you must, but please do not hope. Consequences of that are ill fated, so nope.

Now we both are in complete and utter despair, oh was it worth it, all that fanfare?

In case some people need context, this poem is about how heart expects and then ends up getting disappointed. Expectations hurt. Thank you for reading πŸ™‚

41 thoughts on “Heart has a mind of it’s own!

  1. i dont know anything about poetry and never really write it either but this def has some sort of rythm. i wish i could give you better feedbck on the poetry but i do like it!!

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  2. One catches the essence of the pain and anguish of expectations belied from your words for sure..if only all of us could keep the expectations low, then returns will be always highπŸ™‚ but tough task

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    • Thank you so much, Shammi. I think if essence is conveyed, that’s a fair jon done. Ahh, keeping expectations low and being nonchalant about things that matter is something I have been trying to work on for years now!

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