Peace in the chaos!


I had a very bad day today, all insecurities were like dancing in front of my face and saying, “how you doin?”. Probably the only time I din like Joey’s go to line. It is not easy to be shoved with rudeness and yet get out of it and see happiness. However, today I learnt that it can happen. Something as simple as a sunset and my plants during sunset fixed my mood. It did not fix the issue, obviously, but it just made it less relevant. For now, I am happy. Sunset and my plants, they came to my rescue. Whoever is having a bad day, I am sharing the pictures and I hope this cheers you up. Whoever is having a good day, this is added bonus. I don’t want to continue writing more for this post, I am scared I will ruin it! Just that kind of day.

Light in the darkness
The blank plant you see was eaten by a monkey and now it is starting to grow again, I am so glad we did not give up on it.
My whole ❤

20 thoughts on “Peace in the chaos!

  1. The sunset hues beautiful..even I have developed a new found love for plants and gardening and take care of my plant babies really helps to keep me distracted…it’s a really great hobby 🌿❤️

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  2. Sometimes just watching a falling and floating leaf or a feather makes me happy. Watching sunrises and sunsets is divine.

    Yes, my friend – nature heals 💖🤗

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