Small wins!


I have heard so many people preach celebrating small wins but in reality, so many of us undermine our own efforts and small wins. We have been brought up in such a competitive environment that we forget to account for personal wins. Our real competition and growth is vs our ownself. One such win for me is that I made rotis (indian bread) on my own and they turned out pretty edible and good for my first try. I got off early from work so decided to cook the meal myself with help of my partner. We made chicken cooked in delicious sauces and veggies alongside rotis. A very wholesome meal, taste was ordinary but all the efforts put in made it really special for me.

Each day we learn something, so let today be about winning something. Think about your small moment of win or personal growth in recent times and spare a small moment to celebrate the same. It does not have to be anything big nor does the celebration need to be grand, just a small acknowledgement of it and a whole lot of gratitude around it. Do share your small wins here so that I can be a small part of it and feel happy too πŸ™‚

29 thoughts on “Small wins!

  1. Love this, that sounds retty awesome send some over to me lmao. I celebrate a lot of my own personal wins, like this weekend, seeing plants grow that I planted/helped plant and putting the roof on the tiki bar amonsgt other things, oh and put up 2 shelves straigh haha

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    • It was yummmmy, you can have when you visit India for sure. Yes ofcourse, watching them plants grow has got to be the best feeling. I will do a post on how my plants are shaping up soon (inspired by you) and that roof looks super amazing!


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