Let me start by saying, I feel world would be a better place if people started thinking about the consequences their actions might have. Especially, when the actions are negative. I mean, if we are doing anything positive, we know it will be well received as it has pure intentions. Umm, what about the negative. It always has severe and varied consequences. If you shouted at someome, if you were rude to someone, if you trolled someone, if you were mean, if you were ignorant, if you were being frank…etcetera. it is bound to hurt, sooner or later. Whether it was intentional or not, does not matter at a later stage because the consequences are real. Your “unintentional” action has hurtful consequences. If everyone tried to preempt that, I think our lives would be invariably better.

I don’t think anyone can understand being impulsive or instinctive better than me. My impulse actions have also created some issues, which I apologize and learn from. So, I know it can happen that you have no pause to think of consequences. However, people who act negative without worrying about consequences repeatedly really bother me. It’s almost like they don’t care about anything except doing what they want to do. It makes me wonder, do these bad deeds ever sit on their conscience and makes them worry about their actions? Or do they have no remorse whatsoever? I am clueless about such existence. I have seen it but I have never understood.

Think about the amount of hurt that will be reduced if we paused and reflected that our reaction or action can hurt or negatively affect someone. It is a mix of empathy and self inspection. You worry about others and also care about your own actions. While on one side some say that all your bad Karma is getting accounted, on other side we have people who don’t believe in Karma at all. If not for worry of others then atleast to be in good books of universe, one must always reflect before and after their actions.

10 thoughts on “Consequences!

  1. Reminds me of marriage. So many marriages fail because they completely overlook the vows they took. So many people say one thing and do the opposite.

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