Language of love!


Did you understand from the title what this is about? It’s music, ofcourse. For me to write on music would not be fair because I am very adaptable and can adjust to (almost) anything someone plays. But I live with a music lover and I really love to understand different perspectives so I asked him to pen his thoughts on music. Here it goes.

MUSIC!! One word unlimited emotions..A language that doesn’t need to be understood, it’s just about the feeling..I dont think there is a language as universal as this..I am sure music means different things to different people but I will talk about what it means to me..

I don’t think a single blog can do justice to how I feel about music but I let’s see where this goes. Like most Indians I guess I grew up listening to bollywood music and I don’t really have much memory of anything I loved specifically back then. It was just a part of every movie we watched and not something that I listened because I liked. I discovered music when I got my first cell phone after passing my 10th grade. That’s when we used to have these 64mb cards which could only fit in 12-15 songs at max.

The first artist/band that ruled my playlist was Linkin Park..A very close friend introduced me to their music and I just got hooked on to it. To be fair I hardly understood the meaning of the lyrics back then, it was more about the musicality and the feel.. But now I do realise how powerful it was. The lead singer Chester Benington poured his heart out in those songs. His pain, his anger, his anxiety everything was there. It was an outlet of sorts for him. Sadly he is no more but his songs made him immortal and still love them.

After Linkin Park I just went crazy. I just would listen to anything that sounded and felt good. Language, genre, mood – didnot matter. As long as it felt good to the ears and heart it was my jam and that has helped me discover some amazing music.

But how and where does music help. For me it’s like meditation or even therapy. Listening to the right songs at the right time just makes everything feel pleasant. I would listen to music when I am working in office or traveling or just sitting and doing nothing. I never was or never have been a dancer but put on my jam and I can go crazy (in literal sense). I don’t think there can be a life for me without music. It helps me fill those small gaps and keeps me going.

My music related bucket list –
1) I really and badly want to see coldplay perform live
2) Wanted to see Linkin park perform live but that’s just a dream now
3) Want to be a part of Tomorrowland atleast once

I have a ton more to write but that’s it for today. Do let me know in comments how music helps you, who your favorite artists are or what’s on your bucket list. Would love to explore new music with everyone here.

22 thoughts on “Language of love!

  1. Only some years ago I found what you discovered after listening to Linkin park. That song was lateralus, tool, then Metallica, these days there is this band called bedroom, which has some wonderful music. I can understand you feelings, I carry my phn to the shower to listen to something tadakta bhadakta, 😄😄

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