That stubborn kind!

Have you ever come across a person who never admits his mistake? Like the mistake seems apparent to every one except that person. They distract you by talking about anything but the mistake. Finding excuses of why the mistake happened (lame ones included) and stating them, in a way, as if that relieves him off the burden of doing the mistake. On rare occasions they cannot refuse the mistake, they find another issue with someone else and try to distract you with it. Oh, when you try to correct them, they laugh as if mocking you (too irritating, too too!!!). Also, they state their mistakes as a matter of pride or a joke to others (totally beyond me). How do deal with such a person? I put in my honest efforts to not get irritated, to not snap even after consistent attempts of provocation but there is only so much I can control. I try not to react or speak immediately and explain when things are calm but it’s all very consuming. It sucks all the energy out. Sometimes there is no other way left but to be stern and I hate talking down on people so that sits on my mind for so long. If there is a better way, please suggest.

16 thoughts on “That stubborn kind!

  1. Hahahahahah someone is pissed offf, I have that person as my father, papa is just like that, pehle bhot ladai hoti thi and now I have become a bit tolerant or may be understanding, so now I know what his real intentions are, so it’s fine now, and about your problem, time has every solution, 😄😄

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    • I was actually pretty calm and just curious on how these people think to be so stubborn and unwavering! 🙂 I am sure you are so calm that you have handled this in your dad very well, people of higher age don’t want to be wrong that is understandable.

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  2. I have known my father and my best friend to belong to this category of people. Both of them would somehow find out some sort of shitty reasons to justify themselves (it doesn’t bother to them whether their explanations make sense or not). I sometimes feel so irritated !!

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  3. Sometimes just trying to talk to them is all you can do. Some people have to learn on their own. And sometimes they get it and sometimes they don’t.

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  4. Have you ever come across a person who never admits his mistake?

    Certainly, I had some friends in the class who were brilliant and active. They know how to use their mind. By this, they decreased their chances of doing mistakes.

    Another point is they were curious about solving the problems. That’s how they increased their practical knowledge and superiority. I was a bit slower. I used to see a math problem in live perspective. So never got good marks in maths. 😲🙂

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