The other way!


“I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference” – Robert Frost

You choose a path, a path that will lead you to your destination. A path you willingly walk, for you want to reach at the end. That path, you aren’t expected to waver from, retreat from. Some get the right destination and path in one shot, some struggle along the way and also reach the destination albeit a little later, some change the destination, some change the path. Is that path worth the walk if the end isn’t desirable anymore? Is it not okay to leave the path then? Why is a person forced to still continue on that path? Is it just because he is already midway? Or a new path and a new destination is a risk he can’t afford? Or is it that if he leaves this path midway, he’ll be labelled a failure at everything? To err is humane, right? One can err in choosing their destination! Then why is he judged, labelled, consoled, rebuked, looked down upon, lectured for it? Sometimes even forced in the disguise of inspiration to continue on the path, nevermind where his heart lies.
If a person still changes the destination, inspite of the opposition from closed ones, he’s under a constant observation. Almost like a specimen. His moves are tracked, he’s constantly reminded of his failure, of the lost opportunity, of his decision. At the time when he’s unsure and in need of support, he’s talked against it, discouraged to do it. He would might as well become a gossip. A topic to chat in free time, a topic of debate. If he succeeds, life is good, ofcourse he’ll be still reminded at intervals about the path he left un-trodden. And if the success is delayed, he is simply degraded with cruelty. Why? Come to think of it, the right to question him, should only be reserved with his family. Because they are a part of his journey and they’ll support him eventually. They’ll advice him against it at start because they too are unsure, but come around nonetheless. But he is answerable to no one else. When has that stopped people from poking their nose where it does not belong. Anyway, who can function isolated? Once you are born, you are a part of this society for good. It’s mandatory. You will be subjected to judgements and questions, nevermind the fact that your decision affects them in no way. You’ll have to face the inevitable barrage of ‘I TOLD YOU SOs’. How can people sometimes be so materialistic, heartless and judgmental amazes and disgusts me in equal proportions.

I know the mentality of people about education is changing but the pace is so slow that something as simple as letting people follow their heart and passion might need another evolution.
I’ve seen someone very close go through this. He has succeeded and made everyone proud but the path wasn’t easy. The sole purpose to write this is to let people know that it’s okay to be confused, okay to be wrong sometimes. Allow them a chance. Don’t be too harsh, you might lose something valuable in forcing your views. I’ll leave you’ll with a brood-worthy question ‘what is success to you?’

29 thoughts on “The other way!

  1. Society’s perception of success is too skewed…unless you fit the mould people won’t consider you as successful.

    Success to me is being happy.. wherever i am in life, whatever i might be doing, as long as i am happy i will consider myself successful..
    Being happy is all that matters. 🙂

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    • Ditttoooo! It’s the exact same for me, we set our own milestones. I wish people wouldn’t expect us to fit imto their perception of success and let us enjoy our own.


  2. Well first of all I remember reading this poem in ninth std…and to talk to success, oh I can write a whole good about the anguish I have over this matter. I am a high-school student who has been an “all rounder”. I began drawing from the age of four and had spent six years in a dance school, I was good at sports and did well in exams too…but my heart’s most favorite thing is the stage and art. I love reading novels and stories too. Currently I am not allowed to do any of it. While I left my town two years back, I had to leave all my books, my paintbrush, and my dance costumes back. For my parents success means to get into an iit with a good placemt and have a great job. And so I am fighting with it, struggling with iit preparations…but in the end I think…will it really make me happy?…when I ask my parents they say “you can always fulfill you hobbies LATER”. But I know, that LATER never comes…

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  3. A room full of proud faces and a heart full of joy. I can literally sence the hear and anger with which you have written this blog, great work, alot of evolutions are there to come,

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  4. You know what’s funny? I’m currently going through this because I’ve been questioning all my decisions in life. For some strange reason, I don’t feel accomplished enough. I can work work hard all day, but the path isn’t easy and i wonder if its all worth it?

    Thank you for this post.

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    • Yes, that’s most of us. We have our heart and head split and we sometimes don’t know which to follow. I am sure you will see the hardwork pay off soon, it never goes to vain 🙂


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