About the fun people I have met!


Today I plan to write about three amazing humans I met on my trips around India. They all are still and will always be in my thoughts, even though I cannot reach out to them.


She works part time as a guide for Kumbhalgarh fort and knows more about it’s rich culture than we do. She was just 12 when she met me, aces at what she does, competes with people twice her age and still manages it all with an infectious smile. She goes to school, helps her mom, loves clicking pictures and snapchat is her favorite app. She is not privileged and yet there were no complaints from her, while we are so privileged but we cannot stop cribbing. There is so much to learn from this little bundle of joy ⭐. If you are able to read this, know that you are privileged and let’s not be defensive about it the next time someone points it out 🌸

Love in a picture

Meet Laaki, a police officer working for Gangtok Police. I met her at a restaurant in Lachen where she was taking a break after a day full of duty. She has a small son and he is all she ever spoke about. That and how much she missed him when she had to be on duty. She practically showed me every picture of her son available in her phone, each with a fond memory. Her husband looks after the kid when she has to be on duty and she said it’s quite natural that he’d do it as that’s what she’d do, had the case been reversed. I don’t think she realizes how amazing her attitude is. She has seven sisters (yep, I made the north east seven sister joke too) and all of them are independent. More power to people like her 🌸. BTW, at karaoke and drinks, she’ll put you to shame πŸ’―


“Why do you need one day to celebrate womanhood? Women are great everyday” they say.
“Why leave even one chance to praise the amazing women we know?” I say.

Today is nothing special, but still felt like stepping away from my usual posts and sharing the picture of this cute girl I met at a monastery in Sikkim. She is really the reason I decided to do this entire post. She is a tiny human who couldn’t understand my language or interact much but was a curious soul guiding/protecting/teaching her little brother all the time. Oh, how she climbed a rough terrain with ease made me rethink my life choices for real 🌸🌸 Isn’t she the cutest fluffball? ⭐

Thank you for reading, leave me with a story in comment. Story of a person you randomly met and found them amazing. Allow me to relive the experience with you πŸ™‚

28 thoughts on “About the fun people I have met!

  1. Yup, your saying is just right. So, my story goes like this, I was at meditation retreat in which are not allow to talk to fellow participants which makes it easy for me to judge people accordingly. So, I saw a guy, yawning, and spreading on the mat and he was looking like that, ranadhir singh from waseypur, so my told me he is a bad guy. So at the end of retreat, he sat right by my side to eat, everyone was happy, talking after long time. So we talked and I discovered that how wrong I can in picturing someone. He was really nice guy, not a gunda at all. He told me about his job then, I asked him why are you here, then he said, I am with my wife, we married recently without our parents consent, so i want some peace, so we choose to came here. And I was like, he is the imagined bollywood hero I ever met in real life. I met some real great people there, yaaaa really great.

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  2. One sweet boy (8-9 year old):
    So we friends went to Uttarakhand and traveling from one town to another, we stopped early morning for breakfast. We have left like 10 minutes ago and someone is already hungry at this point but was not when we left (such a grumpy person). We leave early thinking to use time properly and no one can say no to hunger. So we stop here and eat maggi, egg maggi & omelette. It is a small aage dukaan peeche makaan. And at 7am, the vendor mother is preparing maggi for us, while his cute little son is pleased to see us and possibly a smile because we are friendly with him. We feed the street dog which the boy was playing with when we arrived. We also give this kid a hot maggi bowl and he is elated. He looks at his mother and she first hesitated but then allowed him to take maggi from us. Poor kid never demanded more for himself or anything for the dog. We bought him stuff from his store, to feed the dog as he was quite friendly with the dog. We asked him and he said he sometimes goes to school. That moment for us, to sink in the impact of all of us spending on local businesses rather than fancy restaurants, was an eye opener. For us, it was the cheapest breakfast of our tour but for them, an unexpected early morning visitor meant happiness. For us to have a cup of chai that early morning and ponder over the privileges of life remains one of those speechless moment from our trip. We had more of such local businesses meals than we did in any previous trip.

    Wish I could share his photo with all of you! His eyes and smile lit up the morning like the shining stars just before dawn.

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  3. That’s an amazing worthy post of travelling n your incredible thoughts of putting those mesmerizing memories of kind heart is truly appreciated. Cutie is truly a fluffball. Soo loving ❀

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  4. The 15 minute friend: So I was traveling to Manali with a few of my friends and we landed at chandigarh Airport from where we had to take a bus to Manali..The bus stop was 20mins away from the airport so we took a cab..The driver (Sunny) was young in his 20s..We spoke to him about random things for those 20mins and at the end he gave us his card and told us to contact him if we ever come back to chandigarh and need anything..Who would have thought..On our way back to Mumbai, our flight from chandigarh got canceled due to bad weather and we were given a booking for the next day but from Delhi..Now we had to reach Delhi..Thats when I called Sunny and he took no time to ensure that we had a cab waiting outside the airport to take us to Delhi..He himself wanted to come and drop us but was busy with another trip..Even after I returned to Mumbai we kept in touch for a long time..

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    • ❀❀❀ such a touching story. I think that’s all drivers in north, I am still in touch with the guy who drove us around manali amritsar chandigarh for road trip πŸ™‚ he came and helped us board our trains and called to check if we have reached fine. Sunny sounds exactly like that.


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