Thoughts on violence in games!


I have to start by saying that this challenge of 100 days is making me deep dive into every thought that crosses my mind. While I think it’s mostly good, sometimes it might end up being too analytical and I apologize for that in advance.

So, I want to know and share thoughts about violence in games. Video games are very popular and have been around for so much time. Similarly, this debate of violent video games leading to violence in actuality is just as age long. There have been so many instances where actual mass shootings have been linked to and blamed on video games. While there are studies that show that video games lead to real life aggression, there are alternative studies suggesting otherwise too. I guess it all comes to down to level of violence and the addiction related to it. I am not entirely sure how would sanitizing violence in video games work and we cannot escape from the fact that it attacks freedom of speech. Personally, the only violent game I have played is Tekkan which has wrestling and there is no blood involved. Just fights and knocking the other person down. There also exist games which have very evident presence of blood and the victim asks begs for mercy as well, which as per my opinion something I would not be able to play. Video games cannot be sole contributing factor into someone becoming aggressive. I do think violence at home or domestic fights can have similar if not more effect on people. So holding games responsible alone will never work in reducing general violence.

Duration of games and which games are being played can be monitored by parents for kids. This, in turn, can help them grow into adults who make clear distinction between games and reality. Open dialog with people about how some things are only meant for fiction can certainly help them see things clearly. I have always believed that helping a person evolve on their own and come to a conclusion is way more important than banning things.

Do tell your favorite video games? I am looking to explore.

23 thoughts on “Thoughts on violence in games!

  1. U used to tekken too, then their was mario cart (video not android game), then their was road rash, half life, hmm, now, chess, whic is not a video game, I know that, but, then pubg I guess, I want buy that playstation, really, someday, only then I can suggest you some games. About violence and games, their are multiple factors attached, you were right, culture plays a big role as it is vast in itself,

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  2. Call of duty series have always been a favourote but GTA is awesome too the thing is i remember playing that back on the origional playstation. Gaming has come a long way since then, it’s annoying they blame violence on gaming, they have also tried blaming it on certain music too. That being said I’m sure it does contribute a little bit.

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