YouTube streaming – yes or no?


I am sure everyone youtubes. I am hooked. I have some personal favorite youtubers whose videos I never miss. It is strangely therapeutic and engaging. I love gaming, funny, cooking and makeup videos a lot. Today however, I want to talk about a specific portion of YouTubing which is streaming.

Youtube streaming has been around for sometime but I have been into it since 2020, thanks to covid and lockdown. However, even after things did open I have found myself hooked to YouTube in general and streaming in particular. My partner hooked me onto it as one of our favorite standup comedians, Samay Raina, started streaming chess. He streams other games and random stuff too but majorly chess.

I think I was hooked because he adds humor to the game which otherwise can be a bit monotonous for someone who does not understand it completely. Even now, I am mostly hooked to his streams but I can watch other people stream chess as well. I even understand and guess the moves. I still don’t play it and that is the portion I am most amazed about. Essentially, that is the reason I decided to do a post on steaming. YouTube streaming is basically you watching someone else do things. Whether they are playing games, surfing on omegle or simply reacting to other videos. You are watching someone else play (chess in my case) and having fun without actually playing the sport. Isn’t that mind blowing? Don’t tell me that is what audience does on tournaments, this is different. I have access to everything that guy has and I can play the game but I choose to instead watch him play. Oh and it’s super fun, even addictive. In 2020, India was part of a international national online chess tournament and this guy streamed all those games online with help of official chess commentators. Let me tell you this, I enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed live cricket. Even more because there I am not able to see it this up close. Not just that, India was in finals and our player seemingly lost the game due to website glitch. All the people watching the game appealed to the authorities and the decision was A TIE. We won a gold and some contribution came from that youtube stream. Isn’t it amazing? Gives me goosebumps to even recall it.

Streaming has also evolved so much. With lockdown, most things are virtual and it makes more people to join in. I have seen Viswanathan Anand play and teach along with Magnus Carlsen while a comedian was commentating. It is just too mind blowing for me, I am so sorry if you are unable to comprehend the same. Recently due to covid situation in India, Samay Raina and Tanmay Bhat did streaming for two days last weekend for 9 hours each with tons of people joining in and collected more than 6 million rupees, that should help you gauge the power of streaming. They were able to get likes of Konkana Sen, Raftaar, Badshah, all comedians, actors to come and play games while people got entertained and donated as per their wish. I was happy to see it in bits and pieces and can attest 100% entertainment.

The purpose is to introduce people who don’t already watch it, to streaming. YouTube in general has made me happy and kept me sane in these tough times so I thought I should share the happiness. With that, can you tell me if you too stream or watch streams? If yes, which streams do you watch? Tell me so I can do too and expand my horizons 🙂

16 thoughts on “YouTube streaming – yes or no?

  1. I dont watch streams cuz i dont know what to watch! however, chess streaming sounds awesome lol i havent played in years. btw are you in India currently? if you are I hope you and your loveds are safe!! ❤️❤️

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  2. In the first two paras, I was like wow u play chess, then third came, and I was like hmmm okkayy. And seriously, they got 6 million, paise kaha se aa rahe hai logo ke pass. This mind of mine is a hell of a commentator in itself so, streaming seems boring sometimes, but I used to stream pubg bicoz of the skills they got there, then, nope, nothing more, and yes it’s hard for me to comprehend your love for streaming, 😄😄


    • Lol I have been playing chess since I was 10, it’s my dad’s fav sport. This post is about how fun can be had without playing too. Never judge a book by it’s cover. Also, you should be happy they raised 6m for charity? Not sure what paise kahan se aarahe hain means? It’s okay to not understand where I come from 🙂


      • I didn’t know it’s for charity, I thought people contribute bicoz of content. You started playing chess since you were 10, hmm it would be beating you,


      • My reading skills are not efficient, so you still play right, chodd to ni diya, there is this app, since you watch chess tours you sure were aware of, if you there, we can play and pls don’t tell me, you already have that app, and have a rating of 1400 or more, pls don’t,

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      • Hahhahahaha I know the app, I have it but have not been playing lately. 1400 bohot zyada haii dost, utna nahi hai. I will surely let you know when m free for a game.


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