I made some new friends…or not!!


Most people in India are familiar with the fact that cyclone Tauktae was suppose to pass through Bombay today so I woke up to loud rain and wind noises. I am not really scared of it but ofcourse I feel extremely sorry for people whose home’s were water logged or damaged due to it.

Me being more privileged than others, since I have a stable home where I stayed indoors, I decided to chase clouds using my phone. Oh and the wonders I caught!!! First and foremost I caught these three gentlemen crossing through the ledge of my balcony.

No but seriously, how gorgeous is nature’s work and by that mean both the sky and the monkey! I was scared they will take my phone away but I don’t scare easy so I simply changed the location which lead to this.

Yup, they were this close to taking my phone away! I heard my partner calling for me and shooing the monkey while I went to check something in another room, I simply assumed the phone must have fallen due to wind but no one small monkey wanted the phone. But I am glad to announce he did not win. My phone is safe, for now. Since my spirit is still not deterred, chances of them getting my phone are still pretty high. As a background to this, they have broken and ripped out four of my plants. Literal heart break so I don’t think I’d be that sad about the phone, my heart has taken worse Mr. Monkey. I know he won’t read this but just felt good to type it. Moving on, since I still had my phone I finally did capture the heavy rain attack today.

It’s so mighty, this world and it’s creator. You can see in the video that the wind shook my phone so much at start that the lapse is shaky. You will be able to see nature’s wrath as well as it’s beauty. Birds visited the ledge for shade and stared at the sky alongwith me. I will never stop being in awe of nature’s marvel around us. I have also tried to capture this on my gopro, I am not sure if anyone is interested to see that so I didn’t really transfer that. Maybe some other time 🙂

18 thoughts on “I made some new friends…or not!!

  1. Love this, the money jumping by the phone made me just 1st time I watched haha. I agree the earth and mother nature are amazing, and creates some amazing things. I love watching the weather even the devastating videos of nature, not because I’m a sadist but because I watch in awe as the world can create so much beauty and people can build the strongest structures and mother nature can destroy in seconds. As I said im not a sadist or evil but nature is a beautiful thing even the scary parts.

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