Why do we have to adult?


The title is my constant complain and I might never stop complaining about it. I have spent most of the day today with kids and boy did I love it. No tension, no accountability, no responsibility, just pure unadulterated joy. By kids, I mean teenagers. So, adults but like not really adults. Just the ideal age, haha. In my teens, I was honestly just studying. I think the world now is more acceptable for teens and they have so many options of what they wish to choose as a career option. GenZ, as they are called, have an oasis in front of them. My millennial self is definitely jealous. I don’t think that one cannot choose after a certain age, some still can. All I am saying is, you have to be a little privileged to be able to leave all responsibilities and just choose an option that is risky. If you are running solo, with no one else dependent on you, then too you can change your career path and choose a risky option.

Covid has been both a blessing and a curse for students from what I know. I met a teenager in December, who told me more than half of her class is now self employed and doing some or the other small business pursuing their creative skills and passion. I found it very commendable. Let’s face it, education in school and college is good to have a degree but has no real help if you want to pursue something creative. Most of the life lessons are best learnt between lectures in schools and colleges, not so much in lectures.

Ah well, as I said all I did in my teens was study, study, study or read novels and watch tv. Even now, I do random stuff like dance alone, shoot beautiful nature and talk to my plants. That is what keeps me sane in this entire adulting scene. So kids and adults, it’s important to find your sane moment in this mad rushing world and if you know what keeps you sane or should I say what keeps you mad and pure like a kid, never stop doing it.

17 thoughts on “Why do we have to adult?

  1. Biggest mystery of life. Somehow adults can’t come to terms with this till the very end. You are doing the right thing by finding out and catching hold of things that make you happy. That’s how I try to be sane and happy as well.

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    • I have seen some people who like being grown up and mature, it even suits them. I just don’t think I am made for stuff like that 🤭 I’d rather study than have so many responsibilities!!!


  2. Honestly with COVID, it made me reflect on what i wanted out of life and also made me question what have I’ve been doing with most of my life. Like I’ve been working so much to pay bills that i barely enjoyed my own life nor do i realize what makes me happy internally. I think we all need a break from responsibilities to just enjoy life for a moment.

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  3. I seriously believe I’m going through my second childhood. I definitely am getting more childish, silly, I have to be very careful when I poot..

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