What are your work ethics?


I have seen people talk about dream jobs, work and life balance, how we should choose a job we love, job should be like vacation etc etc. However, what about work ethics? There has to be some view people have about that too. Once you do get that dream job, what after it? Work is work, even when you are doing what you love. You will not reap benefits if you do not work with atleast some semblence of discipline in your work.

So do you have work ethics? I am a closet nerd. I have a whole list of dos and don’ts about the way I work and I get really anxious if I do something I do not essentially agree to. Maybe it is something that my parents have inculcated in me, I never was a bad student either. The only thing my teachers complained about was that I talk too much and on that front, nothing really has changed. Even when it was a free lecture, I never participated in something that can risk the teacher getting angry. I know it sounds boring but I just like to follow rules, we can have fun following rules too. I have no issues breaking rules which are harmless. Anyway, this is just my take. My best friend is someone who seems to have taken birth to defy rules and I find him pretty cool so that is also one way to live, you choose your way. There is no judgement.

I tried to make pointers to mention my work ethics and have tried to put my perspective across. Maybe it will help someome, to learn from the little experience I have.

Honesty in work

This is a non negotiable for me. I cannot lie or portray something that is untrue in my work. If you are going to lie about your work, why work at all? I hate when people tag themselves on work that they did not do. Taking undue credit for someone else’s work is not just a bad work ethic but also just generally some mean shit. If you are being paid by someone for a service, atleast make sure it is worth the money. When you work with honesty and dedication, it takes you a really long way. Now I know some people do not deserve honest work, it is difficult to work honestly when you see dishonesty win but that’s the real test. If you choose to work honestly, do it for yourself and not for anyone else. So that when you go to sleep, there are no demons troubling you.

Voicing the concerns

I am sure this is something everyone does, we must never sit and take the pressure. If you know something is incorrect, you must raise your voice against it. You must make sure that you have made your stand clear and if you are facing any issues, those are also put forward in a professional manner. In order to voice your opinion, there is no necessity that someone else has to be brought down.

No politics for me

The only political opinions I have are for our beloved government! Haha. Just kidding. Again, most people would prefer not to be jumbled in office politics but it is so difficult. I can count the genuine office friends I have made on my fingers, it’s a small number. When competition enters and with money involved, even the best can crumble. People have tried to lure me in these talks, to gang up on people or back bitching but I just don’t have the appeitite for it.

Know your worth!

It is very important, you must make sure that you get your hardworks worth. You cannot stay at a job, for long, where your work goes unnoticed and there is no value added to it. You should get adequate learning and appreciation opportunities. In my opinion, that is how one can thrive in a workplace.

When I say work ethics, these are not just for a desk job. It can be any work, these things will still apply. The flip side of this is also work ethics of the people who take our services. I do not think that there are a lot of ethics involved on that side. I mean no one becomes a millionaire in a shortspan by being fair, the gap between rich and poor or the rich and middle class people would not be this big if people were paid their dues. There would be no need for minimum wage laws if people paid fairly. But that’s a topic for another day I guess.

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